Football: Westminster and Sykesville, fighting for first place in each of the Carroll County Football League's three divisions, collided Saturday afternoon at the Sykesville youth baseball complex.

Westminster's 13- to 14-year-olds won the A division game, 33-0, to improve to 4-1 while its 7- to 10-year-olds took the C contest, 13-6, in double overtime, running its first-place record to 5-0.

The Westminster A squad is 4-1 and tied for first with Reisterstown and Perry Hall.

Sykesville's Raiders averted a Westminster sweep as its B team topped Westminster, 19-12.

The Raiders' 11- to 12-year-olds, 5-0, have a two-game lead in the B loop midway through the season.

Some of the day's notable players were Taiwan Veney, who scored both Westminster touchdowns in the C game; Brett Dobelstein, who rushed for 145 yards and scored twice for the Sykesville B's; and teammate Mike Chenoweth, who ran 8 yards for the Raiders' third and winning touchdown in the fourth quarter.

Offensive linemen Matt Study, Jed Harris, Jeff Haines, Chris Cash and Skip Faries also had big days as they cleared out the Sykesville defense and paved the way for Westminster's A game romp.

Soccer: To no one's great surprise, rec council youth soccer in-house leagues are still on a growth spurt.

Freedom Optimist, the county's largest, grew from about 690 players in 1989 to 735 this season, adding six teams in the process.

Westminster saw a increase from 360 to 400. Sandymount leaped from 260 to 350, with its number of teams rising from 18 to 26.

In addition, at least two rec councils have begun new soccer programs this fall.

One newcomer, Charles Carroll, started travel team play by entering two teams in the county boys soccer league and one in the girls league.

In addition, Winfield has opened a soccer clinic to offer children the chance to learn basic soccer skills and play in scrimmage games.

The clinic, operating at Mayeski Field near South Carroll High on Saturday afternoons from 1 to 2:30 p.m., serves roughly 45 children. Most are ages 6 to 8, but a few are as old as 12.

Winfield soccer coordinator Alan Jenkins said that children who haven't signed up can still come out any time between now and the end of the clinic's season on Nov. 3.

North Carroll's soccer program hasn't grown this year. However, rec council soccer coordinator Jim Deiaco attributed the lack of growth at least partially to the fact that many youngsters are playing with the North Carroll teams in the Carroll County Football League.

He said another reason was that soccer registration was cut off early because there were too few volunteer coaches.

Volleyball: The county men's volleyball loop has also grown, jumping from six teams in 1989 to 10 this year.

One might expect this league to be full of teams with such volleyball names as "Setters" or "Spikers."

But these guys are far more original.

The men's loop standings more closely resemble those of some sort of college fraternity league.

They are littered with unique monikers such as "Who Are They," "Unheard Of," "Injured Reserve," "In Your Face," and "Raving Maniacs," along with slightly more normal nicknames like "The Good Guys."

"Who Cares" is a team that plays fall softball in the South Carroll Athletic Association. But with a name like that, its players should really consider switching to volleyball.

Can you imagine, though, what might happen if some poor unsuspecting sportswriter were to call the president of the league in which all of these teams play to get the standings?

The conversation might sound something like this:

Writer: "Who's in first?

Prez: "The Good Guys" are in first.

Writer: Who are they?

Prez: They're in second.

Writer: Wait a minute, who's in first?

Prez: No, it's "The Good Guys" in first.

Writer: Er . . . uh, and the second place team is?

Prez: "Who Are They."

Writer: That's what I'm asking you, who are they?

Prez: Right.

Writer (weakly): Well . . . uh . . . your third place team would be . . .

Prez: "Who Cares."

Writer (after long moment of silence): Could you tell me how to reach your vice president?

Prez: Sure. He's on "Injured Reserve."

Writer (desperately): I don't care if he is hurt. Can I have his phone number, please?"

The aforementioned was written with all due respect to anybody who might have written something vaguely similar in the past -- and particularly to their lawyers.

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