Ed McMahon recalls show's best moment


If anyone has seen it all it's probably Ed McMahon. Johnny Carson's favorite straight man, who also hosts "Star Search" and "TV's Bloopers and Practical Jokes," recalls one memorable occasion on "The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson."

It involved Don Rickles, whom McMahon says is an immaculate dresser. "He even has a man who travels with him, Harry, who for years has been his dresser. So he's very natty. He doesn't put his clothes on till the last minute -- the tie is perfect, the coat."

One night when Rickles was guesting, Carson was doing a bit on the Geisha bath. Two Geisha girls had soaped him down and he was in the tub to rinse off. "Rickles stuck his head around the proscenium arch and said, 'You're making a fool of yourself.'

And Johnny said, 'Come here.' And Johnny pulled him into the tub, fully dressed, right into the tub with him. That was the greatest moment in all of the 'Tonight Show' entertainment because to get back at Rickles -- all ready to come on -- was great."

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