Post's Beyer wins big Double Triple


LAUREL -- Andrew Beyer, who writes racing and gambling columns for The Washington Post, invested $1,300 at Laurel Race Course yesterday and collected a Double Triple payoff that was listed at $195,070.

His selection of the 6-9-10 combination represented the only winning Double Triple ticket. By the time the track had deducted 20 percent for taxes and he had paid off 1 percent to friends who bought in with a $13 investment, Beyer had about $156,000 profit.

It was the largest payoff for Beyer in the several times he has won the Double Triple. It's an exotic bet that requires the bettor to pick the 1-2-3 finish correctly in one race, then trade that ticket for another with the correct 1-2-3 finish of another race.

Beyer was among 10 bettors who scored at Pimlico Race Course last spring and received $120,000-plus each.

Beyer, who does not make selections for the Post, doesn't attend the races every day, but he can be counted on to be at the track when the big payoffs arise.

-- Dale Austin

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