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From: Vivian A. Stockus


I would like to voice my outrage at a telephone call I received which I considered a political subterfuge under the guise of a political poll.

The questions were derogatory to (District 31 Delegate) John Leopold and pro-(Senator) Philip Jimeno.

I abhor these mudslinging tactics. I might add that this only reinforced my support for Mr. Leopold!


From: Charles G. Vanderbosch


Several days ago our household received a telephone querie from a Louisville, Ky., Telecommunication firm. It was conducting a public opinion poll regarding Maryland's forthcoming elections. The direction and substance of the questions left little doubt this survey was funded or conducted with the knowledge and consent of the Democratic candidate for state senator, 31st District, Phil Jimeno.

Following demographic queries and questions regarding the respondent's choice of candidates for statewide offices, the process self-destructed.

The negative purpose of the survey emerged and was recognized as an attempt to detract voters from supporting the Republican candidate for state senator, John Leopold.

On three occasions, the interviewer asked the respondent for his choice for state senator. A long statement ensued when the first two responses indicated Mr. Leopold would be a better candidate.

This statement had no bearing upon Mr. Leopold's achievements as a two-term member of the House of Delegates, his record for constituent services and his legislative experience. Rather, it was designed to imply he was an "out of towner" to Anne Arundel County and a political opportunist with little party loyalty.

Following this negative presentation the question was then asked: "Now that you have been made aware of this information would you still vote for Leopold?"

I regard this survey as a cheap shot having little connection to an elected official who has always made constituent service his top priority.

Negative statements such as these, if they are to be made, belong in a public debate, not from behind the skirts of a company located hundreds of miles away.

Could this survey possibly reflect Mr. Jimeno's fortitude to confront an opponent and defend an issue?


From: Joseph R. Sapp III


As a Republican in a predominantly Democratic family, I find I am often on the defensive, and when my mother announced she would be working as an aide for a local Democrat, this partisan peer pressure intensified.

However, I have always been proud of my political affiliation, even though it often resulted in heated exchanges and occasional apologies for Republican faux pas.

Bob Neall's recent attack on Ted Sophocleus required another such apology for a prominent member of my party. His innuendo-laced indictment over a relatively minor affair disgusted many voters across party lines.

Sophocleus, long known for his integrity and sincere interest in the people of Anne Arundel County, deserves better. Obviously, it will not be an easy or pretty race; Neall will no doubt demonstrate all the sincerity money can buy. But in the end, Sophocleus will triumph because he is the genuine article. For this reason, you will find a Sophocleus sign in this Republican's front yard.

Mr. Neall, I'm tired of voicing apologies for members of my party; this time, you owe me one.


From: Vida Ziegler

Manager, Harundale Youth Sports League All-Stars

Glen Burnie

In response to the letter concerning the Harundale Youth Sports league (HYSL) All-Star boys who did not receive their plaques because they were accused of abandoning the team, it is not true!

The manager, Michael Ziegler, had called the alternates and was told by the president to pick up any players he wanted. His two coaches stayed behind to finish the last game of the tournament (which should have been over, but because of rain delays extended the tournament). The coaches were then told that they could not coach any more because their sons left the team. I wonder if this was a board decision or a Stan Twardowski decision.

HYSL says they follow the by-laws of the their organization. That is untrue. In one season, the same manager was suspended for being four minutes late to a game. First the excuse was forfeit time, but then they read the by-laws and saw that a team had 20 minutes before forfeit could be called so they them made up a story that the boys were unsupervised and the manager should be suspended for two games.

The other incident was that pitcher on his team pitched 10 innings at HYSL and pitched two for another team. Stan T. took it upon himself to suspend the manager again befre reading the Pony baseball rules, which state a pitcher can pitch only 10 innings for Pony baseball. The other team was not affiliated with Pony, which means that he could have pitched as much as he wanted as long as he didn't pitch more than ten innings for Pony. Read your rules before jumping the gun, Stan!

As far as the abusive language goes, it was no worse than the language that the president of the league used when the manager turned in his keys.

Now doesn't this sound like the grown-ups have a problem? Yet, it was the boys that didn't receive their All-Star plaques. I think that if anyone is due an apology, it's the four boys slighted by the HYSL board.

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