Praise for Shemer Draws AngerEditor: This letter...

Praise for Shemer Draws Anger

Editor: This letter is in response to the letter "Respect for Shemer" printed Aug. 19 praising defense attorney Danny Shemer. After reading this letter, I strongly felt the need to give my point of view.


I felt angry that Shemer said he was "unable to return to work for nearly two weeks after losing the Hunt case" and that "even a year later he didn't feel he had fully recovered." Ugh!! From what? Getting a convicted criminal a lesser sentence? This man murdered an innocent victim.

All the lives shattered [by a murderer] are not as fortunate as Shemer: We won't ever "get over it." Hunt had a choice. He chose to commit a crime. The innocent victims are those dead, and the loved ones left, who did not choose to be living the consequences of the criminal's decision to commit murder.


I wonder if Shemer would be so quick to defend him and others if it had been his wife murdered and he and his child were left to live with the consequences of the criminal's actions.

I feel angry to hear about the murderer's "awful childhood." Who cares! It affects a child to have a loving parent murdered. Why should innocent victims be penalized further for a criminal's lousy background?

Dena Raitzyk


Summer Fiction Contest

Editor: With a little male tokenism, self-appointed female judges (female editors) give big prizes to female authors writing about female characters [Aug. 12]. O Estrogen! Long may you flow!

Peter A. Vecchio



Editor: I most thoroughly enjoyed your summer fiction stories. The first prize story was haunting; the banana daiquiri story fun! ... I had some very sad news earlier in the day and read the stories at midnight or later because I could not sleep. For a time I forgot my problems and really enjoyed myself.

Asonya Ferguson


Good Old Druid Hill Park

Editor: My hat comes off to Will Englund for his well-written article about Druid Hill Park [Aug. 19]. However, I was dismayed that my favorite part of the park [wasn't mentioned]. Druid Hill has a beautifully landscaped 18-hole Disc Golf course! ...

Tim Hoffer



Editor: ... An old park is like a beautiful old Victorian mansion. It can be restored with loving care, or it can be destroyed, never to be replaced.

Let the yuppies extend their hype at Harborplace, down-the-ocean and at athletic events. Save the parks for the inevitable time when gentle people will again need and respect an oasis in the middle of a city ... Druid Hill Park!

Once trashed it can never be replaced.

Charles W. Brasse Jr.



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