Space -- the final frontier. In the rapidly shrinking world of the '90s, more of us are choosing to live in condominiums and apartments. Square footage is the last great luxury, more expensive than ever, and rooms are consequently smaller. These smaller rooms may be tough to decorate, yet living well in cozy spaces and tighter square footage is far from an impossible challenge.

Today's blurring lines between urban and suburban have heralded a sophisticated approach to interior design. Now, more than ever, organization and scale are the keys to the good life. A small space can be made to appear larger through special paint finishes, specially scaled furniture, or simple neatness, where every object has a place of its own. Even not-so-small rooms are treated with more respect for the preciousness of the space. Whether or not money is an object, whether the design project is a sprawling condominium or the universe of a small child's bedroom, every detail counts.

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