Three county attorneys, a district judge and the Juvenile Court master are hoping to fill the vacant spot on the Carroll Circuit Court created by the September retirement of Judge Donald J. Gilmore.

Attorneys James A. Gede, Charles M. Preston and Marc G. Rasinsky, Administrative District Judge Francis M. Arnold and Juvenile Master Peter M. Tabatsko have submitted applications for the second vacancy on the circuit bench in little more than a year.

From the pool of five applicants, a gubernatorial judicial nominating commission will select a group of candidates for the $89,000-a-year job, then forward their names to Gov. William Donald Schaefer.

The 13-member commission is scheduled to meet Oct. 24 to make its selections. The governor is expected to make the final selection about one month later, said Judith C. Levinson, the legal officer for the State Administrative Office of the Courts.

The Circuit Court hears major civil and serious criminal cases and appeals of District Court decisions.

Levinson said the standard number of nominations for a Carroll Circuit bench vacancy is three, a number based on the amount of eligible attorneys in the county.

The commission could nominate more than three candidates for the judgeship if it finds more are qualified for the job, she said.

In July 1989, the commission nominated four Carroll attorneys for the third Circuit Court seat now occupied by former state Sen. Raymond E. Beck.

The third seat was created by the state legislature last year to help handle the growing number of court cases in Carroll County.

Eight people submitted applications for that spot, including two attorneys who are vying for Gilmore's former position -- Westminster's Preston and Rasinsky.

Levinson said it is somewhat unusual to have only five applicants.

"It could be that we had an opening only 14 months ago. There were several applicants then, but it was the first opening on the bench that we had in a long time," said Levinson.

Some sources speculated that a smaller number of people applied this time because District Judge Arnold decided to apply.

Arnold, 61, serves as the administrative judge in District Court and has been on the bench since 1980. His term expires in the year 2000.

Another candidate for the judgeship with experience in hearing court cases is Carroll Juvenile Master Tabatsko.

Tabatsko, 42, was sworn in as juvenile master in December 1988. He was a member of the Carroll County State's Attorney's Office from 1981 until 1988.

Prior to 1981 he served on the State Crime Commission and had a private practice in Westminster. He is a native of New York City.

Gede, 61, has had a private law practice in Reisterstown since 1960. He said he has several Carroll County clients and has lived in Carroll County since 1988.

He is a graduate of the University of Baltimore School of Law and served as an assistant state's attorney in Baltimore County.

He was the first judge on the housing court in Baltimore County, where he served from 1966 to 1971.

Attorneys Preston and Rasinsky were among the four candidates whose names were forwarded to Schaefer during the last search for a Carroll circuit judge.

Preston, 44, clerked for former Judge Edward O. Weant after he graduated from the University of Baltimore in 1970. He is a private practice attorney in Westminster.

Rasinsky, 41, is the president of the Carroll County Bar Association. He is a former member of the Carroll Public Defender's Office and has a private practice in Westminster.

He is a graduate of the University of Maryland Law School.

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