WESTMINSTER - Delegate Richard C. Matthews, R-Carroll, criticized the Maryland Department of Education's proposal to increase the school year by 20 days.

Noting the $357 million price tag of the plan, Matthews said it is "unrealistic and irresponsible at a time when this state is grappling with revenue shortfalls . . . and struggling to overcome a huge deficit."

He also noted that adding one hour to the school day would lengthen the school year by 16 percent, rather than the 11 per cent from 20 extra days, and would cost less.

Matthews said he will not support either plan, because "we just plain can't afford it."



The League of Women Voters will have a Carroll County candidates forum at 7 p.m. Tuesday at William Winchester Elementary School.

A reception at 6 p.m. will give the community a chance to meet all the candidates on the county ballot. During the 90-minute forum, candidates will answer questions from a media panel as well as from the audience.

At 8:30 p.m., each candidate will have the opportunity to give a two-minute presentation on his candidacy.

The program will be aired on WTTR, and a tape-delayed presentation will be shown on Prestige Cable.

The forum is cosponsored by the Carroll County Association of Realtors, American Association of University Women of Carroll County, The Carroll County Sun, Carroll County Times, Prestige Cable and WTTR.

The League of Women Voters also will sponsor another forum for county commissioner candidates at 7 p.m. Oct. 30 at West Middle School.

Representatives from the media will question the candidates, and members of the audience are encouraged to submit questions.

This forum also will be aired on WTTR and Prestige Cable.

Information: 857-9445 or 795-3899.


The Carroll County Education Association has endorsed Donald Dell's candidacy for Carroll County commissioner.

Previously, CCEA endorsed Sharon Baker and Elmer Lippy.

"We have interviewed Donald Dell, and he understands the importance of education to the future of our children," said CCEA President Maureen Dincher.

"Donald is committed to meeting the needs of our school system so it can compete with the other systems in this state."

Baker and Lippy, who were endorsed prior to the primary election, have advanced to the general election. CCEA's political action committee interviewed 16 of the 18 candidates for commissioner who wanted CCEA's endorsement.

All of the endorsements were approved unanimously by the CCEA Executive Board. CCEA has a membership of 1,200.

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