Around the house* Inspect chimney pipe and...


Around the house

* Inspect chimney pipe and fireplace flue for a heavy accumulation of soot and debris. Also, make sure damper opens fully when handle is pushed to open position. Make sure overhanging tree branches on the outside are not interfering with the proper draft.

* Clean washing machine's lint traps with sheets of fabric softener. The treated sheets act as a magnet and the lint is removed easily.

* Rub inside of clean, dry wooden salad bowls with wax paper. This will help protect the bowls from excessive dryness; it's neater than rubbing salad oil inside the bowls.

* Prepare for winter. Apply rustproofing paint to metal items that stay outdoors during the winter. Lubricate and adjust the garage door. Make sure your heating system is in good working order.

* Open stubborn lids easily. A piece of sandpaper enables you to get a firm grip on things.

In the garden

* Cover tomato plants with newspapers to protect from an early frost. Or harvest tomatoes, including green ones. Wash and dry, then store unripened fruit in a dark area in temperatures of 45 to 50 degrees. Make sure tomatoes are free of blemishes to prevent decay.

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