Questions, questions and more questions

HE'S BACK and as inquisitive as ever . . . the Question Man:

* Yes, Alexander Hamilton founded the New York Post, but was that sufficient reason for Aaron Burr to shoot him?


* Have the producers for the inevitable "Lisa Olson Show" begun booking guests yet?

* How in the world can the Mets -- with a dream rotation of Doc Gooden, Frank Viola, David Cone and Sid Fernandez, backed by Ron Darling, a strong bullpen and a decent offense -- continually fail to capture the NL East?


* Where do guys get off saying Notre Dame victories in the closing moments are a case of luck? Others pull off such wins and they're glamorized in song and story as the "Cardiac Kids," etc., etc.

* Why would a 26-year-old man enroll as an 11th-grade girl and become a high school cheerleader?

* Does it bother anyone else that instead of big, powerful No. 4 hitter types, the Orioles have a outfield full of slap hitters?

* What did some of these women sportswriters expect, the Court of St. James?

* Is that grandiose stadium in Washington Jack Kent Cooke has been talking about for so long half-finished yet?

* Is it really in the best interests of Jennifer Capriati to drag her out of ninth-grade classes to go play in a tennis tournament in Germany so she can qualify for yet another tournament? Wolves are not at the Capriati door; the kid's income for the year stands at about $5 million.

* Can you believe Blast owner Ed Hale still has his tennis letter from Sparrows Point High? And he didn't even play No. 1.

* Is that mild winning streak the Orioles had a short time back just cause for the highly predictable ticket-price increase?


* Why isn't the balance beam in gymnastics padded?

* Anybody have an idea what a "Jim Palmer's official shirt" in an auto dealer's ad is?

* When did one of the great legendary sites in college football, Owen Field in Norman, Okla., go and change its name to Memorial Stadium?

* How soon will it be before the collector's cards of bass fishermen now being marketed take on the value of Mickey Mantle's rookie card?

* How about letting China and a united Germany, aspirants for the 2000 Olympic Games, fight for the honor?

* How embarrassing is it for a Harvard professor heading up a woman-in-the-locker-room investigation in Boston after having been head of the Criminal Division of the U.S. Justice Department and serving as a Watergate prosecutor?


* What do you suppose Red Sox manager Joe Morgan is thinking about when he puts his chin in his hand and peers out at his team playing baseball -- whether he's going to start dinner with soup or salad?

* The late Augie Busch put up $15 million for the pleasure of naming the ballpark in St. Louis. How much has the Birds' Eli Jacobs tossed into the pot?

* With blundering Bill Bidwill turning folks in Phoenix off to pro football in droves, isn't there a good chance the 1992 Super Bowl will end up somewhere else?

* Is there a person residing between Bar Harbor, Maine, Robert's Point, Wash., San Diego and Miami Beach who gives a rap what Jim Brown thinks?

* Now that it's closed and I can't affect attendance dramatically, is it OK to admit I always considered Chicago's Comiskey Park the city dump of the American League?

* Hmmm, wasn't it strange another of the NFL's classy owners, Vic Kiam, took out a full-page ad in the New York Times to apologize to a woman sportswriter in Boston for his indiscretions?


* If Georgia Tech is going to rave about its vastly improved graduation rate among athletes on national radio, would it be OK to inquire how many of the lads are coming away with engineering degrees?

* What does it say about the moral fiber of pro football players when 53 percent of 1,200 NFLers polled see nothing wrong in accepting money under the table?

* How come the Chicago Bears, in their 71st year of existence, can come out with a smart, well-organized 200-page media guide while it takes the upstart Miami Dolphins (25 years) nearly 400 pages?