From: James F. Reese


I am a senior citizen who over the past 12 years has contacted Sen.

Phil Jimeno many times for his help in various matters. I want to express my gratitude and support for his re-election.

Every time I contacted him or his office I was always treated with much courtesy and respect and my requests and questions have always been handled promptly. No matter how minor the problem, Senator Jimeno and his office staff made me feel that my concerns were a number one priority.

I hope the citizens of District 31 realize what a great state senator they have in Phil Jimeno. Please support him in his campaign for re-election.


From: John R. Kurpjuweit


I guess the leaders of AATRG (Anne Arundel Taxpayers for Responsive Government) are willing to say anything to get their tax rollback passed.

They are claiming that by cutting millions of dollars out of the county budget, education and other vital services will not be touched.

All we need to do, though, is to look at what happened after similar measures passed in places like California, Massachusetts and Prince George's County. Back in 1978, Prince George's voters heard the same kind of phony promises we are getting in Anne Arundel County today and approved their own tax limit, called "TRIM."

If education is not going to be affected, why were over 700 teachers laid off in Prince George's County as a result of TRIM? Why did average class size increase to the largest in the state?

I can't believe that making deep cuts in our schools' budgets will mean a better education for our children. I can't believe that sitting in a classroom with as many as 40 other children is the best way to learn.

Apparently, the voters of Prince George's County agree, and that's why they voted in 1984 to radically trim TRIM, restoring funding to county government.

I hope the voters of Anne Arundel learn from the experience of our neighbors and reject this short-sighted measure if it appears on the ballot in November.


From: Phillip C. Jimeno

Senator, District 31

I cannot allow Margaret Herb's letter regarding my vote on slot machine legislation (Sept. 25, Anne Arundel County Sun, "Readers write") to pass without my comments.

Mrs. Herb stated information that was incorrect and I hope this was due to misunderstanding the bill rather than an attempt to misrepresent my vote. This is an issue created by my opponent and I welcome the opportunity to set the record straight.

The legislation was introduced by the Eastern Shore delegation at the request of their constituents. The bill authorizes bona fide fraternal, religious or veterans' organizations to own and operate the devices.

The approved organizations are required to donate 50 percent of their proceeds to charity, with the balance to be used to further the goals of these organizations. Charities benefiting include veterans' hospitals, volunteer fire companies, scout troops, Little League, and many other worthy causes.

The law is administered by local law enforcement officials and the end result has been a very successful program, providing needed financial support for various charities on the Eastern Shore.

My vote on this legislation, which has no impact on Anne Arundel County, was a normal, local courtesy extended to all senators on matters that only impact their subdivisions. This is the same courtesy I had requested when I successfully co-sponsored legislation in 1988 banning casino gambling in Anne Arundel County.

For Mrs. Herb to suggest that this is a "crime-linked" activity is an insult to me, these worthy organizations, and the recipients of these charitable donations.

As the campaign continues, I look forward to the opportunity to clarify the many attempts to distort my record.


From: Rosemarie Church

Former candidate for

House of Delegates,

District 31

I would like to take this opportunity to thank my many friends and supporters in District 31.

Words will never be able to express my deepest gratitude to my family and extended family consisting of neighbors, high school and college students, senior citizens and so many volunteers of all ages, who worked very hard in our campaign because they believed in me and shared my goals.

Thank you for being there then and for continuing to be there.

Thank you to all those who voted for me and a special thank you to our many loyal friends and neighbors in Suburbia, Point Pleasant, Cadillac Homes, Twin Coves, Country Club, Harundale, Marley, Glen Burnie, Freetown, and Jacobsville for voting me number one in those precincts. The Church family appreciates your vote of confidence.

Rest assured that our work is not done and that I look forward to our continuing to work together in the future.

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