Mother Nature, computerized graphics and, at times, a combination of the two -- nature as seen through the eyes of a computer -- are some of the themes inspiring this season's sweater offerings for men.

The Marienbad line offers several examples of these trends. Along with the characteristic boldly graphic and brightly colored sweaters for which they are known is a black cardigan covered with falling maple leaves. Side by side with the mellow oranges, browns and yellows you'd expect are whimsical blue, periwinkle and burgundy leaves.

Jhane Barnes, a Maryland-born menswear designer, scanned natural objects into her computer to complete some of her space age nature designs. "I don't see leaves, pine cones and trees the way most people do," Ms. Barnes has said. "Everything I designed for fall became my own futuristic interpretation of a computerized Garden of Eden."

Her colors too, are nature-inspired, at least in their names. This season's palette consists of lake blue, dark cardinal, walnut, pine, antelope, smoky violet, moss, cedar, blue grass and red maple.

Both labels are available locally at J. S. Edwards. Marienbad retails for $395, Jhane Barnes from $155 to $195.

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