The Monitor's media reach


The Christian Science Monitor

Daily newspaper

Circulation 115,000 (down from 165,000 in 1989 after staff shake-up)

Lost $11 million during the church's fiscal year ending in April

Founded in 1908 by Mary Baker Eddy, the 20-page daily strives to provide in-depth coverage and analysis of national and international news. A weekly edition reaches 21,995 subscribers.

World Monitor: The Christian Science Monitor Monthly

Monthly magazine

250,000 paid subscribers

Lost $5.5 million last year, but advertising revenues are rising

The aim of the magazine, launched in 1988, is to report and analyze world affairs.

World Monitor: Monitor Television

Nightly 30-minute newscast

Weekly viewership slightly under 1 million households (estimate)

Production costs $20 million. This year, the church is likely to receive close to $5 million for the domestic and European rights to the show.

This television presentation, focusing on international issues and airing on the Discovery Channel, began in September 1988.


Radio service

Weekly audiences of 770,300 for daily program, 272,000 for the weekend show

The church declined to give numbers for its radio budget.

Distributed through American Public Radio since 1984 and broadcast on about 200 public-supported radio stations, the program provides the Christian Science Monitor's news and information to radio listeners. The church also offers "Monitor News Reports" to commercial stations.

The World Service of the Christian Science Monitor:

International Shortwave Radio

Shortwave radio

Reaches 7 million to 9 million listeners

Capital costs are $38 million

The service started in 1987, but the church also sponsored shortwave broadcasts between 1935 and 1954. It broadcasts news 24 hours a day Monday through Friday.

WQTV 68, Boston

Local television station

Cost $10 million; revenues less than $3 million

The station, bought in 1986, provides 30 hours of original programming weekly: news, public affairs, politics, sports, interviews, gardening and children's shows.

The Monitor Channel

Cable network (planned)

Initial target subscribership of about 2 million homes

Start-up costs for the network will be at least $14 million

Scheduled for launch in May 1991, the cable channel would provide a daily, round-the-clock report on the world, supplementing programming available on WQTV with worldwide reporting.

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