First, a word from Mike DitkaWhen the...


First, a word from Mike Ditka

When the Chicago Bears coach was asked how the team rebounded from last year's 2-10 finish to start off 3-0 this year: he said, "I don't live in the past so I don't know what you're talking about. What was last year? Do you remember what you got for Christmas? I don't."

A kiss and a second guess

In the San Francisco 49ers' opener against the New Orleans Saints, the 49ers won the game because the Saints threw an incomplete pass on their final third down to stop the clock and give the 49ers time to rally. Against the Atlanta Falcons last week, the 49ers did the same thing to give the Falcons a last chance, although the Falcons didn't win the game.

Coach George Seifert said that when he met his wife after the game, before she kissed him, she said, "How could you pass on third down?"

More second guessing for Seifert

The 49ers ran 18 Roger Craig sweeps against Atlanta last week, and 11 times he was thrown for losses.

By the fourth quarter, the fans were yelling, "No more sweeps, no more sweeps."

Seifert said when he met his young niece after the game, she said, "Why did you run outside so much?"

A pat on the back for Fontes by Fontes

Wayne Fontes, the Detroit Lions' coach, responding to criticism for taking Barry Sanders out of the game for James Wilder the last 10 minutes of the loss to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers: "I think it was a great decision on my part. I think it was great coaching."

On second thought

Monday, coach Bud Carson of the Cleveland Browns told Cleveland reporters, "Bernie Kosar is our quarterback absolutely, but there are times when a relief pitcher is in order. The fact remains that Mike Pagel will get more work this week and if and when we need him, he'll at least be a little better prepared."

Wednesday, he told Kansas City reporters that his remarks were misinterpreted and there's no quarterback controversy: "I'm not even going to comment on that because it's a big distraction to this football team. That situation in this town is explosive. Every time I say something, it's the wrong thing."

The coach is the boss

Bubby Brister, the Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback, when asked why the Steelers don't go back to the old offense that took them to the playoffs last year since they're having so much trouble learning assistant coach Joe Walton's new offense: "Well, you'd probably have to ask [coach] Chuck Noll that. If I said something wrong, he's probably going to kick my butt."

I'm not OK, we're not OK

Ron Meyer, the coach of the 0-3 Indianapolis Colts, on his

team's problems: "We're not shooting ourselves in the foot. We're just killing ourselves, and then we're bleeding to death while we're out there."

Football justice

Garth Jax of the Phoenix Cardinals, complaining that cornerback Brian Davis of the Washington Redskins speared wide receiver Roy Green twice in the team's meeting in the opener: "That's like pouring salt in an open wound. It's not that I have a bounty on him, but you remember those guys and don't take it too lightly. We're going to do everything legal to let everybody know we protect our guys. My only request is that their special-teams coach allows him to play more special teams this week. That would be a belated birthday present or an early Christmas gift."

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