Orioles announcersI'd like to comment on the...


Orioles announcers

I'd like to comment on the Orioles announcers. In my opinion:

* Whoever hired Jon Miller to begin with should be fired.

* Chuck Thompson should be on radio and TV as much as he wants to be.

* The team of Jim Palmer and Brooks Robinson is just fine. You don't get any more Oriole than those two.

* Scott Garceau should be listened to. He doesn't do imitations.

) * Take Joe Angel, please.

Tom Conroy Catonsville

Memories of Murray

The first time I saw Eddie Murray in person was in the summeof 1977 at Memorial Stadium during a Monday game. I was 15, filled with excitement, knowing that Howard Cosell was there and that a packed house and a national TV audience would see my team -- the Baltimore Orioles -- against the New York Yankees.

That night, Murray was sent up as a pinch hitter in the bottom of the ninth of a tie game. He was slim, young and seemingly overmatched against Goose Gossage, but Murray sent the first pitch against the left-field wall to win the game.

On that night, Murray became my idol -- and probably an idol to many others too. Every year it was a joy to watch Mr. Consistency hit 25 to 30 homers, knock in 90 to 100 runs and

force the best pitchers to avoid the plate.

But all good things must come to an end. I don't want to blame Murray or the press or the fans of Baltimore, who sometimes forget that even superstars are human beings. Rather, I ask everyone not to hold a grudge against Murray, but to remember his production while an Oriole. Remember his clutch homers, his charitable contributions to the city, his work with the handicapped and his quiet leadership and advice that his teammates respected.

And to Murray I say: You could have handled your feelings with the press and public much better than you did. You should have sat down for a least one in-depth interview with the reporter of your choice to explain yourself and your feelings. For the actions you chose, I am disappointed in you. But you still are an awesome ballplayer, and that can never be questioned or disputed.

Eric W. Bacon Dundalk

Wants Terps on TV

I consider myself an avid college football fan, but I am a localNothing suits me more than to sit down on Saturday and watch the Terps play football. I want to thank CBS, NBC, TBS and HTS for ruining this season for local viewers. There is no interest around Baltimore for Brigham Young or even Duke. Sorry to say that we will be without basketball to watch this year, so keep up your good work, and instead of Michigan vs. Maryland, how about Duke vs. Georgia-Tech?

Steven J. Schwartz, M.D. Baltimore

Bad rap on city football fans

I have read recently about the apathy of Baltimore footbalfans. I think that is something conjured up by those creepy Washington writers. The rap was brought out because of the small attendance at the Clemson-Maryland game at Memorial Stadium. Maryland -- a team whose coach doesn't even know the rules.

Pro football still is a great fan game, but after seven years of Washington Redskins games and talk shows, that stuff would dull anyone's senses. Orioles attendance proves we are a great sports town.

A tip: To improve TV ratings, get the boring Redskins off Baltimore TV.

Jack Smolenski Ellicott City

Root for Redskins? Never!

Recently, The Sun made the general inquiry as to whetheBaltimore football fans had adopted the Washington Redskins as their National Football League rooting interest since the departure of the Colts. Let me respond by stating emphatically: no, no, and no.

And why not? Old habits die hard. That team to the south is the hated Redskins, they have always been the hated Redskins, and they will always be the hated Redskins.

Did you see Barry Levinson's "Diner"? Get the picture?

Mark S. Webner Parkville

Start getaway games earlier

My husband and I are avid Orioles fans (been to 50 games sfar this year). We enjoy the game and have visited other parks on the East Coast. At Fenway Park, we've noticed something that may work here in Baltimore. On the last day of a homestand when a night game is played, there is a 6:05 p.m. starting time. This would not only benefit the team (since they're leaving town) but also the fans.

Bea Smith Parkville

Don't forget U.S. national team

Over the years, your coverage of soccer has been excellentHTC Many thanks for your coverage of this year's Maryland Bays. Since the World Cup, however, you seem to have forgotten about the United States national team. Not one word was written about last week's 3-0 victory over Trinidad and Tobago, even though Bruce Murray of Germantown scored a goal. Desmond Armstrong of Columbia also is a U.S. team member.

This weekend, the national team is playing a series of games against all-stars from the Major Soccer League. Whatever coverage your newspaper could provide for these games would be greatly appreciated by local soccer fans.

Peter Monahan Columbia

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