Gore spoils otherwise fun 'Come in Peace'


Apart from the gore, "I Come in Peace" is an amusing mixture of action, science-fiction and comedy.

The gore doesn't do irreparable damage, but the film would have been so much more palatable without it.

"I Come in Peace" stars Dolph Lundgren, was filmed in Houston and uses the plot that was used in "The Terminator" and a few more movies. In the new film, Lundgren plays a cop who comes face to face with an alien, an intergalactic drug pusher who is being pursued by another alien, an intergalactic narc.

The pusher gets his product in an interesting way. He pumps undiluted heroin into his victims, then siphons fluid from their brains, fluid that converts into concentrated endorphins, the "dope" the pusher will sell at home.

That's novel, but the gore is not. You'll be turning away when the pusher selects his victims. It's not exactly slice and dice, but who really needs it?

Lundgren is super cool as the Houston vice cop who is on the trail of the alien pusher. He has lost almost every trace of his accent (he was born in Sweden) and has an easy time with the gags, of which there are many.

"I Come In Peace" opens here today. It is frequently entertaining JTC but almost as often is an incompatible mix of light and dark comic book. "I Come in Peace" ** A cop pursues an intergalactic drug pusher who is also being pursued by an intergalactic narc.

CAST: Dolph Lundgren, Cynthia Gibb

DIRECTOR: Craig R. Baxley

RATING: R (language, violence, nudity)

RUNNING TIME: 91 minutes

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