Stahl isn't sure how she'll cope with three jobs


With three jobs, CBS News' Lesley Stahl might as well move a cot into the studio.

"I've been told that if it isn't working after a couple of weeks,to say so, and I will," says Stahl, who on Oct. 1 begins with Charles Kuralt as co-anchor of CBS' new 30-minute broadcast at 11:30 p.m. She will continue as senior White House correspondent and moderator of "Face the Nation."

How will Stahl juggle all three? "I have no idea," she says. "I'll start out and see if I can handle it. Without an established format, we can be a bit unpredictable and flexible, which we find attractive. We're going to wing it."

Speaking of winging, Stahl, 48, says she'll cut back her travel for the White House beat. Instead of following President Bush wherever he goes, she will limit trips to major international jaunts, with No. 2 White House correspondent Wyatt Andrews picking up the slack on most domestic stops.

On a normal day, Stahl hangs it up at 7, after Dan Rather's "CBS Evening News." With her new responsibilities, she hopes to rush home for a quick dinner with her husband, writer Aaron Latham, and their 10-year-old daughter, Taylor, before heading to the studio, where she'll work until midnight. She'll take off Fridays, along with her current Mondays.

Stahl acknowledges she's no superwoman. "I'm tired a lot, and that's with two jobs.

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