TANEYTOWN - Gail Reilly Cross, Democratic nominee for Register of Wills, and Diane O'Leary, Democratic nominee for Clerk of the Circuit Court, announced that they will be registering voters and walking door-to-door in the Westminster area.

"We had such a dismal turnout at the polls for the primary," Cross said. "We have to get the citizens interested in the electoral process."

"Every vote counts," O'Leary said. "We wish to make everyone aware of why we need a change in the Clerk of the Circuit Court's office and in the Register of Wills' office."

The two nominees noted that few people know of the problems in the two offices, or even what they do. Cross and O'Leary want to let the public know just what it is the Register of Wills and Clerk of the Circuit Court do.


Gail Reilly Cross believes the people of Carroll County have not been told the function of the Register of Wills.

The Democratic nominee for the office wants to clarify that.

"It is an administrative office that collects over $1.5 million a year in taxes and is not accountable," Cross said.

Very few people know the workings or the service that should be performed, she said, adding that most people only see the office in times of distress.

Cross wants the public informed about the office's workings.

"I would like to start with the fact that the operating budget this past year was over $108,000, about 10 percent of the monies collected," she said.

For that money, the people are owed information, service and answers from the office.

"Some have complained to me that they have not been given any help when they went to that office," Cross said. "Some of them have been confused to the point that they have been forced to seek outside help even in the simplest of matters."

Cross promises to write, speak and use the media to inform the public about the office and its procedures.

"I will make information available to the public," Cross said. "They deserve it -- after all, it is taxpayers' money. We have passed the days when we do not care how our money is spent, or how our public officials perform."


DATELINE: TANEYTOWN NETWORK, a coalition of Northwest County community groups, will sponsor a candidates' forum at 7 p.m. Monday at the Taneytown Baptist Church, 4130 Sells Mill Road.

Separate segments will be offered for state's attorney, county commissioner and state legislators.

Following the traditional question-and-answer forum, an informal reception will be given so that voters can address individual concerns with the candidates.

NETWORK's member groups include the New Windsor Community Action Project, People Against Contamination of the Environment, Concerned Citizens for the Protection of Land, Water and Wildlife, and the Wakefield Valley Community Council, as well as other groups in the area that are not formally organized.

The public is invited to the forum.

Information: 775-7371 or 875-4287.


Senate candidate Larry E. Haines has "hit the deck running" in his campaign for the general election.

Haines had a Republican Victory Celebration Sept. 16 at Frock's Sunnybrook Farm that about 250 people attended, including a number of primary election winners.

Westminster Mayor W. Benjamin Brown spoke to the crowd, as well as those candidates heading into the general election. Haines thanked all of his supporters, his wife, Jane, his family and executive committee.

Haines also encouraged those who lost to continue to work for their party.

At the event, Haines also garnered the support of Gene Frock, a longtime Democrat. Another endorsement came from the chief officers of the Baltimore County Fire Department.

Haines and his wife later relaxed in Ocean City for a few days.

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