Pica's advantageIt is extremely unfair in the...


Pica's advantage

It is extremely unfair in the 43rd District Senate race that the outcome was slanted in incumbent John Pica's favor because more than half of the absentee ballots were cast by election judges appointed by the state senators.

What The Evening Sun neglected to state was that the election judges are paid (with our tax money), so Mr. Pica essentially was assured a victory in absentee ballots -- why bite the hand that feeds you?

Perhaps in future elections, in the interest of fairness, judges should be appointed by someone with no interest in the race or appointed equally by the candidates. I hope this injustice in our political system doesn't discourage the political ambitions of Martin O'Malley, who ran a good race.

John Merrill


On the money

Preston Greene is right on the money with his hypothesis (Forum, Sept. 19) that if abortionists keep killing their children, the anti-abortionists will someday be the voting majority.

But by that time how would they decide to vote? Certainly not to bring children into an overpopulated world, running out of clean air, water and soil, a world with rising temperatures, making plant life impossible and therefore human life also.

Everyone will favor abortion by that time.

It could be that abortionists are just ahead of their time.

Charles Johnston


Bad water and uncaring politicians

When visiting a piece of heaven, you would never know it had a dark side unless you asked questions. Your questions may not be answered honestly, especially if you are speaking to a real estate agent. You see, there is a landfill in this community.

We were assured by everyone, including the state health department, that expansion of the Scarboro landfill would have no effect on our water supplies. We now have 22 homes with contaminated drinking water.

You learn quickly not to trust elected officials. Unfortunately, County Executive Habern Freeman, who said he was "out for blood" in our community, has been elected to higher office [the state Senate in the 34th District]. Councilman Frederick J. Hatem wants to be council president. At a council meeting, a woman begged Dr. Hatem to help her children. Her well was grossly contaminated. Dr. Hatem stared at the ceiling.

Councilman J. Robert Hooper, knowing all the problems the Scarboro landfill has created, recently said he would vote again for this landfill.

Councilwoman Joanne S. Parrott declined to attend a community meeting with state and Environmental Protection Agency officials. She said she had to attend a flower club meeting.

Councilman G. Edward Fielder just sits there, as they say, like a lump on a pickle.

The women of child-bearing age in my community are having multiple miscarriages. My neighbors are dying of cancer.

Elected officials are in office to respond to your needs. Think how an entire county council and executive turned their back on a bleeding community. What happened to us can happen to you. Make your choice and vote.

! Jocelyn Allen Street

Ethnic labels

Usually Mike Lane's political cartoons are enjoyable, though often acerbic. However, his recent depiction of an Iranian as saying, "We're an ancient religion," was bigoted, subtly racist, but just as definitely irreverent.

His ethnic label was disdainful and, by inference, intolerant. Religious beliefs of one of the world's largest groups of worshipers were needlessly and maliciously twisted.

One has to wonder how such a cartoon would have been tolerated by your editorial boards, had it described any other of American's beliefs, especially any of those considered to be mainstream doctrines.

At times like these, when differences among ourselves have to be dealt with here in the United States to prevent physical violence based on manifest differences, editorial behavior like this has to be called downright shameful.

John B. DeHoff


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