Deja vu?


Boyse Mosley, Northwestern High School principal, made some scathing -- and surprising -- comments last week about his boss, Superintendent Richard C. Hunter. In an interview, Mosley, whose name has surfaced as a possible mayoral candidate next year, sharply criticized Mayor Schmoke for not firing Hunter, whom Mosley derided as "just a public relations man." Mosley went on to compare the city schools to a sinking ship, and Schmoke and Hunter to vacillating captains unable to make up their minds whether to lower the lifeboats.

Normally such unflattering public remarks about a superior would be tantamount to handing in one's resignation. The strong sense of deja vu in this particular case, however, might be enough to give any politician pause.

Recall that years ago, as school superintendent in Richmond, Va., Hunter got into a similar tiff with a popular principal, with the result that he ended up firing the man. The disgruntled principal immediately took up politics, ran for mayor -- and won. Hunter departed Richmond shortly thereafter.

Could history be repeating itself?

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