Cop's plea for quiet ends in a drug raid


A policeman who knocked on an apartment door to ask the occupants to quiet down, ended his visit by arresting the men inside and busting a drug-stash house.

Northeastern District Officer Paul O. Dean said he went to the apartment in the 5900 block of Goodnow Road about 9:30 a.m. yesterday after a neighbor complained about noise there. He said that when he told the person on the other side of the door that he was a police officer, he heard people running about. He suspected they were attempting to jump out a window.

Dean left the building and went around to the rear where he looked up and saw money floating down from a third-floor apartment. Also coming from the window were plastic vials containing cocaine and heroin.

Following the cash and contraband, said Dean, was a man who landed a few feet from him. He arrested the man and called for help. Dean and several other officers entered the building and arrested four other men before they could escape.

Later, armed with a warrant, the police searched the apartment and said they recovered more money, more cocaine and heroin, and a 9mm semi-automatic handgun. Dean said the serial number had been filed off the gun.

In all, police seized 700 vials of cocaine, 51 plastic bags of heroin and more than $5,000 cash.

Dean said that the narcotics had a street value of more than $40,000 and that the apartment was being used as a stash house.

Charged with multiple counts of possession of cocaine and heroin with intent to distribute were: Mark Reed, 18, and Donald Terrell, 23, both of the 1800 block of E. Chase St.; Peter Harris, 20, of the 4900 block of Goodnow Road; Anthony Murray, 25, of Pembrooke, Ga., and Patrick West, 23, of Walden, N.C. They were awaiting a bail hearing today before a District Court commissioner.

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