From: James J. Riley


House of Delegates, District 31

Have you ever wondered why a candidate gets up long before daybreak to be on the road with his or her name sign to greet commuters during the morning rush hours? The sole purpose of this time-consuming activity is name recognition. The candidate is selling a product, and he or she is that product. We candidates know the public will not vote for us if they have not heard of us, and standing on the road with our name signs is a very inexpensive form of advertising.

You may also wonder why only a few office-seekers use this method of advertising on a regular basis. The answer, quite frankly, is that some candidates aren't that willing to get up at 5:00 each morning to stand on the road with a name sign at daybreak.

I personally would not expect any voter to vote for me merely because I greet them in the mornings commuting to work. What I do hope is that the commuters will read my opinions on the issues in the newspapers. Also, I hope they have read that I have been endorsed by the newspapers as a candidate worthy of election and the voters will say to themselves, "Oh, that's Riley, the guy I see with a wave and a sign during morning rush hours. I am going to seriously consider him as one of the most viable candidates in the race."


From: Evelyn O. Kampmeyer


House of Delegates, District 31

Delegate Charles Kolodziejski should not be returned to office because he is a detriment to the people of the 31st District and the State of Maryland.

His legislation to change from five to ten years the penalty for computer fraud does not motivate our people to learn computers to increase their employable skills. His 42 PAC donations, many corporate-related, are support for his justification to expand incarceration.

Instead, I expect as a delegate to establish state regulations for students to graduate with employable skills. This would include computer skills for word processing; business, budgeting and mathematical applications; and computer literacy. I also propose changing the state minimum graduation requirements from 20 to 24 credits. This change will give students the opportunity to graduate with the needed employable skills. Such changes should remove some of the need for welfare as well.

For several years, Delegate Kolodziejski has proposed legislation that supports racism in county schools. Students have threatened other students that they did not belong in their schools because they could not speak English. My testimony against his bill in this past legislative session explained how we motivate and educate children of culture through assimilation, culture and individualization. The governor's Commission on Human Relations has commended this testimony, which was published nationally. The Maryland State Teachers Association and the American Association of University Women also testified against the bill.

Other legislation the delegate has proposed would deny teachers the right to use bilingual teaching to facilitate immigrants learning the English language and receiving an education at the same time. We should not have uneducated politicians dictating teaching strategies.

Brooklyn Park has besieged the delegate to help it with drug prevention and treatment programs. His response is to incarcerate more drug abusers. After winning the election, I shall see that Brooklyn Park receives the necessary prevention and treatment programs.

The 31st District needs legislators who can promote the well-being of its people and not delegates who hinder them.


From: John Coady


Harundale Youth Sports League

"Isn't it a crime" that Pat O'Malley is so biased that he presents a very one-sided picture of an unfortunate incident? In his "Q and A" 's ("Isn't Cannon Stadium Arundel's own field of dreams?" The Anne Arundel County Sun Sept. 19) reference to Harundale Youth Sports League (HYSL), he conveniently neglects to mention that the "outside" team these boys and coaches played for was, in fact, his team.

The players, manager, and coach who abandoned the HYSL All-Star team in the middle of a tournament to play with Mr. O'Malley were well aware of the league's position on outside play: "Any HYSL player may play for any number of organizations, providing that HYSL practices, games and team meetings are given priority." When the manager, coach and players left the HYSL All-Star team in the midst of a tournament -- without notifying league officials -- substitute players were recruited. It was, and is, the position of the Baseball Board that the players who finished the tournament are entitled to trophies. Mr. O'Malley is well aware of the turmoil this created for the Bronco All-Star team, since the manager of that team left to coach for him.

Finally, perhaps Mr. O'Malley, rather than malign Mr. Twardowski, should mention his professional demeanor when faced with the histrionics and extremely crude and abusive language that the parents of these players used at the HYSL Baseball Banquet in front of hundreds of youngsters.

We elected to send this letter to the editorial department, since we have learned through experience how very selective Mr. O'Malley can be in what he chooses to submit for publication.

It is our position that Mr. Twardowski is due an apology, and HYSL a retraction of Mr. O'Malley's slanderous statement.


From: Michael J. Keller

Chapter coordinator


The Steering Committee of Anne Arundel SANE/FREEZE has adopted the following position on the Persian Gulf crisis.

SANE/FREEZE is the country's largest peace and justice organization, representing about 700 dues-paying households daily: We condemn the invasion and annexation of Kuwait by Iraq as an aggressive, unprovoked and dangerous violation of international law. Accordingly, we support the international demand for the immediate withdrawal of all Iraqi forces from Kuwait and for the full freedom of travel for foreign nationals. We endorse the actions of the United Nations Security Council concerning a freeze on Iraqi and Kuwaiti assets, an embargo on economic relations with Iraq (allowing humanitarian aid) and the enforcement of that embargo.

However, we oppose the unilateral introduction of U.S. ground forces to Saudi Arabia. This action, which was not sanctioned by the United Nations and is not supported by any U.S. treaty obligation, exacerbates the conflict and may ultimately escalate into full-scale combat costing thousands of lives.

We call for the reduction of U.S. ground troops in the Gulf region in favor of a multinational, defensive force under the United Nations flag. The economic embargo should be given time to work, and emphasis should be placed on resolving the crisis through diplomacy and negotiations under United Nations and Arab League auspices. To make the U.N. boycott more effective, Western nations should provide compensation to non-combatant countries directly affected by sanctions.

We are concerned that this crisis will be used as a convenient excuse to postpone large cuts in military spending. The Cold War is over, and the peace dividend should not be lost. We do not need expensive weapons systems like the B-2 bomber and "Star Wars," neither of which would be of any use in the Middle East.

We understand the present conflict to be related to unresolved disputes in the Middle East, and we are convinced of the need for an international conference composed of nations and peoples of the the region and the permanent members of the United Nations Security Council to address issues of national boundaries, secure borders and the Palestinian situation.

Finally, we believe the United States must invest in an alternative energy policy that reduces dependence on Middle East oil through conservation and the development of safe energy sources.


From: Philip M. DeMario


Cottage Grove Property Owners Association

That time of year has rolled around when the incumbents and the hope-to-be-elected begin their promises to the public -- promises that are difficult to achieve and redundant throughout the entire Anne Arundel slate of candidates for public office. These are the same promises that I have been hearing for the 10 years that I have been a resident of Anne Arundel County. What I desire is a person who not only sets political priorities, but puts forth the effort to achieve these goals for the constituents.

I have had the experience of knowing such a person -- John Leopold.

Five years ago, when our community was just emerging on the scene, I sought Mr. Leopold's assistance after a huge snowstorm left our community with no access to get to Fort Smallwood Road. Many in the community lost wages for two days. The county roads department told me that our main road was not a priority on their snow removal plan. Within one week of asking for Mr. Leopold's assistance, I received a letter from the county roads office apologizing for this snubbing of our community and a pledge to clear our road when future snowstorms arrived. For the last four years, the snow removal trucks have not only cleared the main road, but also the numerous courts that branch off of this road. If it wasn't for Mr. Leopold's immediate interest, I'm sure I would still be writing for help in snow removal.

This kind of reaction is why I am backing John Leopold for the office of state senator. He is my kind of government representative: a person not composed of hollow promises, but a person of action.


From: Leonard F. Zeitschel, Arundel Gardens Civic Association

Nellie Lewis, Mildred Hardy and Harold C. Calvert, Brooklyn Park Improvement Association

Aileen Hodges, Olde Brooklyn Park Improvement Association

Doris McGuigan, St. Rose of Lima Parish Council

Judy Roberson, Belle Grove Improvement Association

Karen M. Balonis, Summerfield Estates Homeowners Association

Lee Godfrey, Brooklyn Park Youth Athletic Association

Richard C. Bittner, Greater Brooklyn Park Council

As community activists, we know firsthand the impact Sen. Phil Jimeno has had on our community.

Through his sincere, tireless efforts we have received new parks, sound barriers, sewer systems, road improvements, and improvements to our neighborhood schools.

Phil Jimeno has always been there when we needed him. We support his re-election.


From: Charles Vane

Severna Park

James J. Riley, candidate for House of Delegates ,District 31, is not a quitter, for he perseveres regardless of the odds.

In 1978, Jim came in sixth in a field of 14 for the House of Delegates, in his first political endeavor. In 1980, he took on Marjorie Holt in the general election for Congress. After the election, the local papers credited Jim with running a hard-fought campaign based on the issues. They admired his tenacity, given his odds for victory.

In 1982, Jim finished behind Carole Baker in a race for County Council, and in 1986, James J. Riley missed getting elected to the House of Delegates by 155 votes. I am voting for Jim because he won't give up on himself and he won't give up on us,the voters.


From: Joan Cadden


House of Delegates, District 31

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the people from District 31, who overwhelmed me by their great show of support and votes of confidence in the primary election.

Without my committee, consisting of my family and a few close friends and all the many other friends I've made through the years who gave of their time, I'm sure I would not achieved this goal and moved closer to making my dream a reality,that is, being a delgate for the people in District 31.

I thank you all most humbly and ask for your continued support in the general on Nov. 6, for me and all the candidates on the Democratic ticket.


From: Charles Thomann

Candidate for state senator

District 30

Mr. (Gerald William) Winegrad gets the prize for expensive and poor judgment solutions to urgent environmental problems. Among other incumbents, he supported and approved the state appropriation for the rebuilding of Highway 50, an environmental disaster that we must live with for years.

A billion dollars in both state and federal tax money will be spent on a highway we neither needed or wanted.

Now he is engineering another million dollars in taxes to replace forest which should not have been cut down in the first place.

As a private citizen, I knew the environmental impact of the highway (construction). If he didn't know, he should have -- we tried to tell him. He didn't even insist on an updated environmental statement when major designs were changed.

What we needed was light rail. I advocated this 12 years ago. Throwing concrete and asphalt at the transportation problem is not a good solution.

In addition, his recycling bill will cost Anne Arundel County taxpayers an estimated $60 million by the year 2000 -- in reality, much more.

Recycling is a must, but states like Colorado do it well by letting private enterprise, not government, do the job. Why should Maryland taxpayers constantly pay to be in competition with private jobs? In addition, he wants to build an incinerator. There are better alternatives.

His solutions to our environmental problems are value judgments. Most waste tax money and time that is critical to the environment. When people vote, they need to ask if the environment is better off than it was eight years ago. If they are not satisfied with the answer, then it is time for a change.


From: Patricia H. Troy


Benfield Road Community/Business Task Force

Those of us who have been involved with the Benfield Road Beautification Project want to thank you for Robert Lee's article ("Benfield Road project ready to flower this fall") in the Sept. 12 issue of The Anne Arundel County Sun.

As chairman of the Benfield Road Community/Business Task Force, I would like to recognize those who have worked to make this $65,000 beautification effort a reality. This project was developed in cooperation with businesses and community organizations which had never before joined forces, and with support from Anne Arundel County.

The Greater Severna Park Chamber of Commerce and the Greater Severna Park Council have both provided representatives to the Task Force. Both organizations have given input, support and encouragement.

Jack Feick did the engineering design work, while Jackie Colestock provided landscape architectural services. All of these professional services, which took countless hours, were donated.

Dennis Wells served as the contact with the many businesses along the road, while Bruce Jackson coordinated input from the community of Kensington and George Deuringer coordinated safety planning with the Greater Severna Park Council's Public Works Committee.

The members of the Task Force would like to thank Ann Pace, county beautification coordinator, and Dick McIntyre, county landscape architect, for their understanding of the problems associated with Benfield Road and for their willingness to listen to our ideas. We thank Ann Pace, County Council and County Executive Lighthizer for including Benfield Road as a part of the county's very effective beautification effort.


From: Margaret Herb

Glen Burnie

In his campaign literature, Phillip Jimeno claims that he has "one of the most impressive voting records in the General Assembly." I take strong exception to this boast.

In 1987, Jimeno voted in favor of slot machines, and the Capital-Gazette newspapers called him "morally deficient and unfit to serve" because of this vote. The Maryland Gazette also wrote that "Jimeno lost a lot of respect with his irresponsible vote." Maryland's crime-linked experience with slot machines in Southern Maryland should have been enough to convince our elected officials to keep all types of gambling out of the state, but Jimeno ignored common sense.

Jimeno has also stated publicly that his campaign will be based on differences in personality and lifestyle. Frankly, to suggest that elections should be based on personalities and lifestyles instead of the issues is an insult to the intelligence of the voters.

Jimeno was appointed to his seat in 1985 and has run unopposed until now. The voters in District 31 have a choice this year. We have a chance to elect as our senator a man whose commitment and effectiveness are clearly superior. John Leopold is a hard-working, committed, effective legislator whose dedication to his constituents has been proven time and time again. The choice is crystal clear. We need John Leopold to represent us. He is the man to get the job done.


From: Virginia G. Crispo

Severna Park

I was not one of the people who signed AATRG's (Anne Arundel Taxpayers for Responsive Government) petition to roll back property taxes in our county. In fact, I don't think they wanted me to sign it.

Earlier this spring, I was at the Severna Park Mall with my three children when I encountered four people gathering signatures on the petition. They were aggressively tagging people with the question, "Do you want your taxes to be cut?" They were, of course, getting a warm response and many signatures.

When I approached, walking right by them, they turned the other way. Didn't they know that I wanted my taxes cut as much as the next guy? What was different about me? I stood and watched for several minutes, and it was only then the pattern hit me -- they were avoiding families with children. Could it be that they know how concerned we are about having a county that can afford to provide a good education for our kids? Maybe they know how important the libraries and parks are to the families of Anne Arundel County, and they know their measure will make it impossible for the county to afford to provide these "luxuries," not to mention county services that are essential to low-income families.

I will be working against these selfish people who cannot even face the children of our county. Obviously, they know something is wrong with their proposal. I hope the voters will agree with me if their measure appears on the ballot inn November.


From: Clay Heflebower


To all those critics who felt Bill Burlison was not a viable candidate for the House of Delegates in the 33rd District, take note. This past Tuesday, Bill enjoyed a resounding victory in the race for his party's central committee in the 33rd District. He easily beat six other candidates, including two incumbents, by a wide margin. His message on tax and environmental relief is beginning to be heard.

Wake up, Democrats and Republicans in the 33rd District, and hear what Bill Burlison has been saying. His message is clear and his ideas are do-able. As a Republican, I ask both Republicans and Democrats to vote Bill Burlison into the House of Delegates from the 33rd Legislative District of Anne Arundel County.


From: Patricia M. LoCascio

Democratic nominee

Register of Wills

I want to take this opportunity to thank the voters who elected me Democratic nominee to the office of Anne Arundel County Register of Wills. The overwhelming support I received at the polls in the primary election was made possible by the efforts of many friends -- old and new -- and members of the family.

As much as I would like to thank each and every one of you personally, I know that probably is not possible at this time. However, I shall demonstrate my appreciation of your support by campaigning even more diligently in the next eight weeks so that we may be victorious on Nov. 6.

The duties of the Register of Wills office require an individual who is well trained as an administrator and a communicator. I have worked for many years in the field of communications and public relations and I have extensive management experience. I am unswerving in my belief that public service -- a sensitivity to the needs of the individual -- is one of the most important roles one can pursue. In my opinion, the work you do can only be satisfying and rewarding if you "go the extra mile" to provide assistance and information to the people who depend on you.

I very much want to be your next Register of Wills and I will work hard to get elected in November. I pledge to every citizen in the county that, if elected, I will begin immediately to inform you of your rights and the services available from the register's office. Further, I will work with you and the fine staff in that important government office to assure efficient, comprehensive execution of probate procedures.

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