Griffey Sr. mum on retirement


Ken Griffey Sr. says he won't decide whether to return to the Seattle Mariners as a player until well after the end of the season.

Batting .460 with three homers and 15 RBI in the month since he joined his son, Ken Griffey Jr., the invitation seems guaranteed.

"I told him the first few days he was here, 'You're the guy I've looked for the last two years, that one veteran who can still play, who can be a leader in the clubhouse,' " said Mariners manager Jim Lefebvre. "You're damn right I want him back."

Griffey Sr., 40, who leaped at the chance to play on the same team as his son after retiring from the Cincinnati Reds last month, said in an interview with the Morning News Tribune of Tacoma, Wash., his success with the Mariners could make it easier for him to retire.

"I can see coming back for a full season. I can see walking away. When the season is over, I'll need two weeks, a month, to think about it," Griffey said.

* BLUE JAYS: Yesterday's attendance of 49,901 in Toronto's final home game of the season enabled the Blue Jays to finish the season with 58 consecutive sellouts and a major-league attendance record of 3,885,284.

The Blue Jays, who sold out 67 games this season, broke the attendance record of 3,608,881 set by the 1982 Los Angeles Dodgers. The previous American League record of 3,375,883 was set by Toronto last season, the team's first at SkyDome.

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