John E. Moran, 67, a child film...


John E. Moran, 67, a child film actor in the 1930s, died Thursday of cancer in Greenfield, Mass. He was discovered by the late Mary Pickford and appeared in several Hollywood films, including the 1938 version of "The Adventures of Tom Sawyer" and "Destination Moon," a 1939 Buck Rogers serial.

Stephen F. Kolzak, 37, who supervised casting for the Emmy-winning television comedy "Cheers," died Wednesday of AIDS in Los Angeles. He was senior vice president of casting and talent at Columbia Pictures Television until illness forced him to resign in 1987. After his illness was diagnosed, he worked with major Hollywood studios to develop plans for dealing with AIDS in the workplace.

Xu Xiangqian, one of the famed 10 marshals of the Communist Party's Red Army, died Thursday in Beijing after a long illness at age 88. He joined the Communist Party in 1927 and became active in its underground work against the ruling Nationalists. He was appointed minister of defense in March 1978, a post he held until 1981.

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