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Report available on treated plywood


Copies of the National Association of Home Builders' report on fire-retardant-treated plywood are available on request at telephone number (800) 368-5242.

The report, "Investigation of Problems and Solutions Relating to Fire-Retardant-Treated Plywood Roof Sheathing," provides a comprehensive overview of the problem of defective roofing material, including various alternatives to using treated-plywood roof sheathing.

The Home Builders Association of Maryland has compiled a list of construction methods accepted as alternatives to treated-plywood roof sheathing by various counties in the Baltimore region. To obtain a copy of the list, call 265-7400.


Mortgage-rate printout, loan guide available

A toll-free telephone service introduced by Money magazine offers potential homebuyers access to a kit containing the latest information on mortgage rates and other costs of lenders in their area.

The kit includes a printout of current mortgage rates and point information for 24 metropolitan areas, including Baltimore, a guide to selecting the appropriate type of loan and the chance to receive discounts or premiums from some of the participating lenders.

The kit is priced at $39.95 and can be obtained by calling (800) 243-8474.

A printout lists the lending institutions in the recipient's area and current down-payment rates.

Callaway-Garrison group holds open house


The Callaway-Garrison Improvement Association, along with the city's Department of Housing and Community Development and the St. Ambrose Housing Aid Center, hosted an open house last Sunday at 3807 W. Cold Spring Lane.

The house was the first neighborhood dwelling bought under the Intervention Buying Program, in which St. Ambrose purchases properties that would likely be sold to investors.

St. Ambrose then determines the home's needs and makes the necessary repairs. The home is then placed back on the market at a price only slightly more than what it was originally sold for.

A Callaway-Garrison neighborhood housing committee identifies houses that are likely candidates for the program. In addition to identifying houses for sale, committee members promote the program to individuals renting in the community.

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