Train is rear-ended, several go to hospital


A dozen passengers and two crew members complained of injuries today after a four-car commuter train rear-ended a 10-car Amtrak passenger train in a tunnel near Pennsylvania Station in Baltimore.

Officials said that none of the injuries appeared to have beeserious.

Amtrak spokesman Chris Black said 12 passengers -- some from each train, complained of injuries, but six declined medical attention.

Katherine Waters, a spokesman for the Maryland Railroad Commission, said five of the other six passengers were taken by taxi to Union Memorial Hospital with minor injuries. The sixth was transported by ambulance.

Black said a conductor and an assistant conductor, both Amtrak employees, also sustained "bumps and bruises," and requested medical checkups.

The Amtrak "Virginian" was en route to Boston from Richmond when it was struck from behind at about 11 a.m. by the Maryland Rail Commuter (MARC) train 410, arriving from Washington's Union Station, Black said.

The collision occurred inside the Baltimore & Potomac Tunnel, just south of Penn Station, where the speed limit is 15 mph. The trains coupled together, but were not damaged, said Black.

It was not immediately learned whether both trains were on the correct tracks, or whether the Amtrak train had stopped.

Train crews uncoupled the trains and moved on into Penn Station. The Virginian departed at 11:27 a.m., 31 minutes late.

Members of the MARC train's crew, also Amtrak employees, were being questioned by Amtrak officials.

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