* "Funny About Love" Gene Wilder is...


* "Funny About Love" Gene Wilder is a cartoonist who falls in love with a caterer, divorces her then tries to win her back. Christine Lahti co-stars. A drama with comedy.

* "GoodFellas" Martin Scorsese's film version of Nicholas Pileggi's "Wiseguy" is the story of a boy who dreamed of being part of the mob and saw that dream come true. A drama with comedy. Robert De Niro and Ray Liotta star.

* "Narrow Margin" Gene Hackman is a district attorney who has to protect a federal witness from professional killers. Anne Archer co-stars.

* "White Hunter, Black Heart" Clint Eastwood is film director John Huston as Huston directs his "African Queen" in Africa.

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