Color Hale pleased that every Blast game will be a blue--gray game


If the Major Soccer League can change its name, it shouldn't come as a surprise that the Blast is changing its colors.

Color the team blue and gray beginning today. Gone are the colors of red, yellow, orange and white -- except in the team logo, which will continue to be the exploding soccer ball. The Blast has been identified by those colors for all of its 10 years, just as the league has been known as the Major Indoor Soccer League for its 12 seasons.

The new uniforms were to be on display this morning during a news conference at the Blast offices in Canton.

"From the first time I saw the Blast play against Cleveland in an exhibition game in Richmond last year, I thought they needed more color," said second-year owner Ed Hale. "I thought our home uniforms were drab."

For the last several years, the home uniforms have been white, and the road outfits have been red.

But the next time the Blast appears at home, the players will be dressed in gray shirts, dark blue shorts and gray socks. On the road, it will be dark blue shirts, white shorts and dark blue socks.

The Blast will unveil the new uniforms during the exhibition season, which begins Oct. 7 in Portland, Maine. Baltimore faces St. Louis in an afternoon game, and will play the Storm again the next day in Springfield, Mass.

Two other exhibitions are scheduled in North Carolina -- Oct. 12 in Charlotte and Oct. 13 in Greensboro -- both against the Cleveland Crunch.

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