Blast to introduce new uniforms today


They say sports fans are fickle.

But some might say Baltimore Blast fans are colorblind. More than 70 percent of the 4,000 Blast fans who responded to a survey last season said the team's bright red and yellow uniforms "were bland, needed more color and a change in design."

So, owner Ed Hale decided to give the fans the new look they wanted.

Out with the "bland" red and yellow that had survived the first 10 years of the franchise, and in with a dark blue and light gray uniform that public relations director Drew Forrester said reminds him of the Dallas Cowboys' uniforms.

"They remind me more of the Sparrows Point Pointers' uniforms [Hale's high school tennis team]," said Hale. The uniforms will be shown publicly for the first time today at 10:30 a.m. at the team offices on Clinton Street.

Six-time Major Soccer League All-Star Bruce Savage has been chosen to model the uniform.

Savage was chosen last February as the Blast Player of the Decade by Baltimore fans and is a logical choice. Right?

"I think they only have a medium-size jersey right now and they needed someone small to wear it," said Savage (5 feet 9, 155 pounds) yesterday.

Hale said it is true that the team only has one medium jersey available now.

"But Bruce is the right guy to be modeling the jersey," said Hale. "Bruce Savage is such a great guy that I can't believe him. How much more of a wholesome image could you have representing the Blast than Bruce Savage? He's the epitome of the family-type image we're trying to project with the Blast."

The home uniforms will consist of a white jersey with dark blue and light gray trim, dark blue shorts and white socks.

The road uniforms will consist of a dark blue jersey with white and light gray trim, white shorts and dark blue socks.

The Blast logo also has been changed from block to cursive script, with the word Baltimore larger than the word Blast.

Both road and home uniforms will retain one part of the old uniforms -- the red and yellow exploding ball emblem on the jersey.

Hale said: "The new uniform is much more attractive and traditional. The taste in America is changing for sports uniforms towards a more conservative look. There was a time when people liked the pretty colors of the San Diego Padres, the Houston Astros and the Chicago White Sox."

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