Election was a blessing -- you can...


Election was a blessing -- you can look it up

Having read your editorial, "Clear Choices" (Sept. 12), I agree that, as a result of primary election outcomes, the majority will now rule in the abortion issue. In this I visualize the seeds of great hope for the future.

You see, with abortions so freely and easily available, pro-abortionists will abort most of their children and, as a result, will have many fewer offspring to whom they can teach their convoluted views. Pro-lifers, on the other hand, will produce great hordes of descendants to whom they can teach their values, and who will inevitably become the majority.

Will the majority then rule? Probably -- unless pro-abortionists, while still in the majority, begin to advocate mandatory abortions for everyone.

Then, it's back to Moses. You remember him -- the child born into an ancient Egypt which embraced a policy of child-murder to quash potential threats to its rulers. Moses was saved by his desperate mother and went on to lead a people who eventually formed the basis of Western civilization.

Who knows what civilization might spring forth in the future from a mother's desperate attempts to save her baby. Will we ever learn?

Preston Greene


Praise for Kelly

The Maryland Senate has lost a valuable member. Frank Kelly, who served the 10th District well for 12 years, was voted out because he had the courage to stand up for the rights of the unborn. He was defeated by a candidate who's only concern is protecting a woman's right to an abortion.

We need more people in government like Frank Kelly. When he courageously led the pro-life filibuster, Kelly knew he was risking his political life. Morals, however, were more important to him than re-election. He bravely stood up for his beliefs.

There is no compromise on abortion. It is murder, and it must be stopped.

Shawn Blair


Arrogance of power

Reading Ray Jenkins' words of sanity about our bellicosity toward Iraq was refreshing.

The arrogance of power is threatening thousands of human beings with deprivation and death. The bullies are lined up against each other. We do not seem to learn the lessons of the centuries: Neither our bullies nor theirs can ever win. We are all losers together, especially if the inner life of the nation is grievously wounded again.

Propaganda laced with self-righteousness attempts to smother our minds and dull our sensitivities. It's time to say, "No!"

Sherman Roddy


Attend, or else

I would like to clarify several election night statements attributed to me in the Sept. 12 Evening Sun article on th Baltimore County election.

First, regarding which candidate I support for county executive, I would support any candidate who shares my views on fiscal responsibility and sensible taxation. I trust the voters of Baltimore County to carefully examine the positions of each candidate on these issues and vote accordingly.

Second, on the issue of whether, if elected to the County Council, I will "compromise": Although I certainly do not intend to be a maverick or loner councilman, neither do I intend to compromise or betray the basic principles for which I have fought for 10 years and for which the voters elected me.

I will continue, as a member of Taxpayers for Government Efficiency, to conduct seminars throughout the county. I will invite the council member in each district to participate with me. If he or she should decline, the absence will be duly noted.

In short, the voters of the 7th District have asked me to be their voice. I intend to be just that.

Don Mason

The writer is a Democratic candidate for the Baltimore County Council's 7th District

Insured for Life

I was aghast when i read your Aug. 29 article, "Whole life insurance better for the long term." Karen Lazarovic answered a question from a woman asking whether whole life insurance is better than term insurance if she wants to pay for her 5 year-old child's college education.

Lazarovic should have asked which the woman wanted: a fund for college or life insurance. Both could be had by buying term insurance and investing the difference between it and more expensive life insurance.

As a rule, one should never buy life insurance as a saving tool because the interest is poor. One is better off buying less expensive insurance and receiving more coverage in case the principal breadwinner dies.

Roughly 90 percent of all Americans buy whole life insurance because they are told by insurance agents that it is the "best" insurance. I challenge The Evening Sun to take a stand an champion the rights of the consumer.

Robert M. Hurd


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