Offshore Logistics"Offshore Logistics (OLOG, OTC, around $13)...


Offshore Logistics

"Offshore Logistics (OLOG, OTC, around $13) offers investors a way to ride the tide of higher oil prices," says The Low Priced Stock Survey of Hammond, Ind.

"The firm provides air and marine transport services for companies engaged in offshore oil drilling. The company posted a string of losses between 1984 and 1987, but returned to the black in fiscal 1988, showing record earnings in 1989 and 1990. With the industry vulnerable to oil price fluctuations, the stock is not for the faint of heart."


"Mobil (MOB, NYSE, mid $60s) is our favorite oil stock," says The Outlook of New York.

"With strong cash flow and a sound balance sheet, the firm is well-positioned to capitalize on tightening U.S. refining capacity and higher oil prices. The company's long-term fundamentals are excellent. We recently raised our 1990 earnings estimate to $4.70 a share vs. $4.40 a share reported in 1989; $4.95 is expected in 1991 . . . we recommend purchase for above-average total return over the years ahead."


"Wal-Mart (WMT, NYSE, mid $20s) has become America's leading retailer, with sales exceeding both Sears and K mart," says William Whyte of Stephens Inc.

"We are very impressed with the firm's performance, particularly given the fact that so many other retailers are struggling in today's environment. Second-quarter earnings increased 26 percent to 24 cents a share. For the full year, we expect the firm to earn $1.15-$1.20 a share vs. 95 cents in 1989; $1.40-$1.45 is expected in 1991."


"Microsoft (MSFT, NASDAQ, around $60) is our favorite technology stock," says Bob Brinker's Marketimer of Princeton, N.J.

"The company is the world's premier maker of personal computer software, with MS-DOS, OS/2 and Xenix operating systems, as well as a line of business applications. The firm's recently introduced Windows 3.0 is a major new product . . . the stock price has pulled back as the market has reacted to events in the Mideast. However, we look for new highs in 1991-1992. Buy."

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