State's Attorney Thomas Hickman got a high-powered start on the general election campaign the day after the primary when he met President George Bush and U.S. Attorney General Richard Thornburgh.

Hickman was asked to come to the Justice Department, along with 50 other state and federal law enforcement officials, to have lunch with Thornburgh and discuss pending legislation.

After lunch the guests were taken to the Rose Garden at the White House, where Bush shook hands with the group after a speech on criminal justice issues.

"The first thing the president said to me and those nearby was 'Take off your coat, it's too hot out here'," Hickman said. "I found the president to be very friendly and personable, very likable."

During the past week, Hickman attended the meeting on sludge in Taneytown and urged those present to attend the work session and the hearing with the County Commissioners on the new ordinance that would prohibit the operation of sludge pits by private parties.

The hearing is 1:30 p.m. Oct. 1.

Hickman also attended the Environmental Protection Agency hearing on the Keystone (Pa.) Landfill in Gettysburg last Thursday and urged federal officials to do a thorough clean-up.

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