Voters at the State Fair prefer the faces at WJZ



* The importance of familiar, likable faces as a direct function of local TV ratings was illustrated pretty clearly recently by radio station WCBM-AM 680's mock election promotion at the Maryland State Fair.

In addition to casting mock votes in political races, visitors to the WCBM booth were asked to choose their top five TV personalities from among a list of more than two dozen on-air people, from newscasters to weathermen.

It's no surprise that WJZ-Channel 13, top-rated news station here for years, captured six of the top 10 spots. More than 3,000 voters ranked them this way:

Al Sanders, WJZ anchor; Bob Turk, WJZ weatherman; Marty Bass, WJZ weather/feature reporter; Sally Thorner, WMAR-Channel 2 anchor; Vince Bagli, WBAL-Channel 11 sports director; Denise Koch, WJZ anchor; Don Scott, WJZ morning anchor/reporter; Beverly Burke, WMAR anchor; Mike Olesker, WJZ commentator, and Stan Stovall, WMAR anchor.

* Fall season premieres of returning series tonight include "Matlock," "Who's the Boss," "In the Heat of the Night" and "Roseanne."

Interesting wrinkles include a small part in "Matlock" (at 8, Channel 2) for Anita Corsaut, who played Helen Crump, Sheriff Taylor's girlfriend and (eventually) wife in the old "Andy Griffith Show." In "Heat of the Night," Gillespie (Carroll O'Connor) has to deal with the fact that Tibbs (Baltimorean Howard Rollins) has been jailed as a murder suspect. And on "Roseanne," the family wonders if Mom (Roseanne Barr) might be pregnant.

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