Baltimore county to buy equipment for evacuation


The Baltimore County Council agreed last night to purchase equipment to plan for the possible evacuation of residents when the Army begins incinerating chemical weapons at the Aberdeen Proving Ground.

The council unanimously approved a request by John Thompson, the county's deputy director of civil defense, to use $15,000 in Federal Emergency Management Agency funds to buy a camera that will project images from a 10-inch computer screen onto a 10-foot movie screen.

Such a camera has already been purchased by Harford County to enlarge maps and help plan for any evacuations necessary when the Army incinerates its chemicals weapons at the Aberdeen Proving Ground, Mr. Thompson said.

The Army is slated to begin burning mustard agent at the proving ground in a yearlong, $145 million operation beginning in August 1996, officials said.

Mr. Thompson said Baltimore County does not expect any problems when the mustard agent is incinerated, but he wants to ensure that it has the best equipment available to plan for any contingencies, including evacuations.

Baltimore County's eastern boundary with Harford, along the Gunpowder River, lies within a mile of the site in Edgewood where the mustard agent is to be burned, Mr. Thompson said.

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