From The Sun Sept. 16-22, 1840Sept. 17:...


From The Sun Sept. 16-22, 1840

Sept. 17: The Western Savings Fund, located in North Gay Street, has given up the ghost. Some people have confounded (( this with the Western Mechanics' Savings Institution -- this is an error, the latter has not failed.

Sept. 18: For insulting a magistrate in Baltimore last Saturday, Jos. Hankey was fined 500 pounds of tobacco and costs.

From The Sun Sept. 16-22, 1890

Sept. 20: President Gilman yesterday issued a circular announcing that the fifteenth academic year of the Johns Hopkins University would begin Wednesday morning, Oct. 1, and that all young men who wish to be received as students should previously apply by letter or in person.

Sept. 22: Cedar Avenue bridge, which spans Jones Falls and connects Druid Hill Park with Cedar Avenue, was thrown open to the public yesterday morning. There was no ceremony attending

the opening.

From The Sun Sept. 16-22, 1940

Sept. 20: Leopold Stokowski and the young men and women of the All-American Youth Orchestra made such a good impression on Baltimore at their first concert here that an attendance record may have been set last night at their second performance.

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