Devereaux plays daily despite painful hyperextension of elbow


TORONTO -- Center fielder Mike Devereaux remains in the everyday starting lineup, but he has been playing with a painful hyperextension of the right elbow.

The injury has been evaluated by Orioles orthopedist Dr. Charles Silberstein and is not considered serious, but the soreness has been slow to subside.

"I've been looking for it to get better, but it hasn't," Devereau said. "It changes every day. Sometimes it feels good at the beginning of the day and then it'll start aching."

Devereaux thinks the problem stems from his decision to switch to a heavier bat earlier this season, but he didn't figure that out until after the pain had reached the chronic stage.

"I ordered some bats that were heavier and when it started to hurt I just thought I was getting tired, so I stayed with them," he said. "I guess I must have hyperextended my elbow. It's hard to straighten it out."

According to Devereaux, X-rays were taken recently that showed no structural damage, but he will not go through the off-season without having the elbow examined again.

"I'll definitely see Chick [Silberstein] after the season," he said. "If it's rest it needs, it'll get it. If it's something else, I want to take care of it right away. I don't want to take this thing to spring training next year."

The soreness has not prevented Devereaux from playing, but it might have something to do with the way he has been swinging the bat the past week or so. He entered the game with just two hits in his previous 24 at-bats.

*Manager Frank Robinson said yesterday that he would like someday to coach the U.S. Olympic baseball team, but not in 1992.

"You bet I would," he said. "I would like the challenge of it -- to be working with the youngsters and be involved in the Olympics."

Robinson's comments were prompted by an article in The National in which Detroit Pistons coach Chuck Daly was quoted as saying that he "would die" for the opportunity to coach the Olympic basketball team that will play in Barcelona, Spain in 1992.

But 1992 wouldn't be a great year for Robinson to take a year off managing at the big-league level. The Orioles will be playing their inaugural season at the new Camden Yards stadium and hope to be in the advanced stages of a development program Robinson does not want to leave in other hands.

*Sam Horn's grand slam earned him the satisfaction of defeating a division rival, but it earned Don Brown of Edgewood a pair of 1991 Ford Thunderbirds.

Brown was up in the WMAR (Channel 2) home-run inning. If an Oriole hits a homer in the designated inning, the contestant wins a Ford Escort. But a grand slam nets a pair of T-Birds.

Who said there was nothing left to play for?

*Robinson said that Monday would be the earliest that the Orioles minor-league call-ups will join the major-league club, but the players in question have not been announced.

Pitcher Daniel Boone appears very likely to be recalled, even though he is not on the 40-man roster. The roster is full, so someone would have to be moved to make room for him.

*Mickey Tettleton walked in the sixth to become only the second Oriole to accumulate 100 walks and 100 strikeouts in the same season. It has been done twice before, both times by former Orioles outfielder Ken Singleton (1977 and '79). Only four other American-Leaguers have done it in the last 20 years -- Gene Tenace (1974 and '75), Dwight Evans (1982 and '85), Jack Clark (1988) and Fred McGriff (1989).

*First baseman Randy Milligan took live batting practice last night for only the second time since he suffered a slight shoulder separation Aug. 7. He reported no serious problems, except an inability to make consistent contact.

"I just don't have any rhythm yet," he said. "I'm just swinging the bat."

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