Bush's courageAs the father of two young,...


Bush's courage

As the father of two young, active duty naval officers, I must reply to Alex Molnar's letter to President Bush (Other Voices, Aug. 24). He is concerned that many of the service personnel are from poor families who chose the service as a way to earn money for college. Our all-volunteer force was established many years ago as a result of protests during the Vietnam era. This force that replaced our draft is more likely to be composed of the economically disadvantaged, as others are unwilling to serve their country. Was he concerned about this inequity then?

Unlike Mr. Molnar, I feel that our Middle East policy is being planned by President Bush and our very competent professionals in the State Department. His cry of fighting for cheap gas indicates a narrow and incomplete view of the problems in the Middle East. Furthermore, acts of terrorism and the taking of hostages must be stopped.

There is no doubt in my mind of President Bush's courage. Forty-five years ago he placed his life on the line as a naval aviator. I feel that time has not diminished his courage.

Just as Mr. Molnar, I feel concern for my sons. However, I know that they will do their duty to see that our government's military policies are carried to a successful conclusion.

Charles S. Wehner


Constellation blighted by visitor's center

A local TV news broadcast last week featured the Constellation's anniversary, including an overhead shot of the ship. Looking like an ugly beige wart to the left of the ship was the much-talked-about "visitor's center." This view really showed what a horrific mistake it was to put this building right beside one of our historic treasures.

Will some politician or civic leader in the city please launch a fund-raising drive to move the building to a more appropriate site away from the ship.? There is plenty of room down there. A small sign beside the ship could direct visitors to the new location. Even the other side of the pier would be better.

As it is, all I can do is send in my money. I've got $20 burning a hole in my pocket. Please, someone, do something -- before John Paul Jones rolls over in his grave.

Johnny Bacon


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