Kendra Cameron and Angela Gutoski live in Gambrills and bowl at Crofton Bowling Center. They both went to the National Junior Bowling Championship finals in Detroit last month, and this past Sunday they appeared together at the Kickin' Butts Media Tournament as part of the Anne Arundel County Sun team.

Facing some of the finest amateur tenpin bowlers in the Baltimore-Washington area, both countians took home awards.

The tournament took place at Fair Lanes Timonium in Baltimore County, a split house with 24 duckpin and 24 tenpin lanes.

The center's manager is George Christas, who, along with Stacey Karten and Elizabeth Appel, kept the tournament running smoothly. Karten is the Fair Lanes representative, and Appel works for the American Lung Association of Maryland Inc.

Their job was made challenging Sunday by the presence of 130 media personnel representing 33 radio stations, TV outlets and newspapers.

The purpose of the tournament was to raise money for the Lung Association and to promote the new smoke-free leagues that will be available to bowlers at all Fair Lanes bowling centers in the Baltimore-Washington metropolitan areas.

In Anne Arundel County, Kickin' Butts leagues are scheduled for Monday mornings at Fair Lanes Annapolis, Wednesday nights and Thursday mornings at Fair Lanes Ritchie and Thursday mornings at Fair Lanes Southdale.

For every pin that was knocked down Sunday, Fair Lanes donated a nickel to the American Lung Association of Maryland Inc. At the end of the day, Fair Lanes wrote a check for $2,215.

Angela and Kendra were teamed with Butch Martin, who also was a finalist in Detroit, and Kendra's mother, Sue, who filled in for the missing Steve Smoot. Smoot was a Detroit finalist who was unable to attend this tournament. This columnist made up the fifth member of the team.

The competition was provided by the Bowling News team, a collection of fine amateur bowlers composed of Irv Roswall (203 average), Steve Garriques (204), Bill Mend (198), Larry Detweiler (226) and Jeff Harding (202).

At the end of the tournament, the Bowling News team took the plaque for the best series. Roswall's 705 (individual high-set award) was built on a 268 game. Harding's set was 635 and he was awarded the high-game plaque for his 254 game (Roswall couldn't receive both high-set and high-game awards).

Mend had a 608 set. Detweiler's set was 660, and Garriques took a little ribbing because he was the only team member who didn't have a 600 set -- he settled for a 585.

Did this top-notch bowling intimidate the Anne Arundel County Sun team? Hardly.

Butch responded by throwing the first 600 set (601) of his young career. Angela received the high-game award for the women with a 203 game. Kendra had a 633, which was good for a first-place high set among the women.

Sue Cameron, who hadn't come prepared to bowl and was pressed into service at the last minute, responded with a 197 game and a 518 set.

The dog ate my scores. Sorry.

Radio station WITH took first-place honors in the duckpin division.

Richard Daff Jr. was the youngest bowler ever to have a sanctioned 300 game. That feat was accomplished last spring at Bowl American Odenton, when Richard was just 11 years old.

At the end of August, Richard had his 12th birthday. For a present, he received his 300-game ring from the American Bowling Congress at a ceremony in the same bowling center at which he set his record. He was honored with the presentation on Saturday, Sept. 8.

Congratulations, Richard. Well done!

The Severna Park Thursday Night Scratch League began Aug. 30, and it's going to be a humdinger from the looks of the first-night scores.

Of the 40 bowlers -- 10 teams of four each -- 10 sets over 400 were thrown. Plug Lucas and Dan Tuel had the same 404 total; Rod Galloway shot a 407; Jeff Bacon had a 409; Joey Seers threw a 411; Denny Morgan had a 417; Joey Fox shot a 421; and Melodie Lare rolled a 433.

Yes, I know, that's only nine bowlers. Mike Davidson had a 184 game on his way to a 517 set. OK, Mike, what are you going to do to top that?

We'll be watching.

Forest Hill Lanes in Forest Hill, Md., will play host to the National Amateur Bowlers Inc. Tournament on Oct. 13-14. Prize money, as always, is guaranteed.

If you're not familiar with Forest Hill Lanes, let me assure you that you will be bowling in one of the best centers in the state. There's plenty of parking, a large concourse, walk-around room at the bowling areas, computerized scoring, a large lounge with excellent food and experienced management. It's a well-maintained bowling center in every way.

Donald G. Vitek's Bowling column appears every Thursday in The Anne Arundel County Sun. Bowlers are urged to give Don a call with scores and tidbits at 247-0850.

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