Gilchrest for Congress


Rep. Roy Dyson's victory in the 1st District must be chalked up to low voter turnout and absolute apathy. How else to explain the implied confidence expressed by voters in a man whose recent record in the House of Representatives is dismal?

Dyson has been the consummate PAC man, taking tens of thousands of campaign dollars from the defense industry, then voting for legislation benefiting them. Throughout his congressional career, Dyson has been a hawkish Democrat. He has used his position on the Armed Services Committee to advocate the use of U.S. military force abroad -- all the while concealing the fact that he himself was unwilling to serve in the Vietnam War.

In addition, his term in office has been plagued by a number of personal problems. This record is not just disabling; it is disqualifying. By contrast, Wayne Gilchrest, the Republican winner, is a tough, hard-working candidate genuinely concerned with the best interests of his district. Gilchrest, a Vietnam veteran, is the kind of moderate Republican Maryland needs. In the 1988 race, Gilchrest came within 1,500 votes of defeating Dyson. We supported Gilchrest in that race; we do so once more this year. He is far and away the better choice.

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