*Atholton Raiders

Coach: Shirley Cohee (8th year).

1989 record: 4-8 overall, 3-4 county.

Returnees: Senior, Meredith Polsky (G); juniors, Alex Pastine (D), Jennifer Brock (D), Dana McGraw (D), Vanessa Clack (M), Heather McDonald (M); sophomores, Alison Valentino (F), Chrissie Dibella (M).

Newcomers: Juniors, Meara Strain (M), Kirsten Kruhm (D), Stacy Naftaly (D), Emmi Sawyer (F), Lisa Lotkin (F); sophomores, Amy Cochrane (F), Jamie Green (F).

Coach's outlook: "We're looking for more wins than last year."

The Howard County Sun's outlook: The Raiders should stay in most games, but have a young team in an especially tough league this year.

*Centennial Eagles

Coach: Ray Mayrovitz (6th year).

1989 record: 12-2 overall, 6-1 county.

Returnees: Seniors, Jenny Kling (G), Meghan Hughes (D), Meg Caro (M); juniors, Corina Riismandel (D), Rebecca Joeckel (D), Becky Temple (D); sophomores, Vicki Brunt (F), Kelly Butler (F), Alison Lages (F), Natalie Rich (F ).

Newcomers: Juniors, Lauren Mooney (M/F), Betsy Tarr (M/F), Amy Morrison (M/F) , Rebecca Vanisko (M/F), Susan Dix (G/M); sophomores, Paige Nettelbladt (M/F), Mary Ellen Carullo (M); freshman, Jamie Fountaine (D).

Coach's outlook: "If we duplicate last year's record, I'll be happy."

The Howard County Sun's outlook: The Eagles will be one of the top teams and could win it all.

*Glenelg Gladiators

Coach: Dean Sheridan (4th year).

1989 record: 4-8 overall, 1-6 county.

Returnees: Seniors, Leslie Service (F), Shannon Jachimski (D), Stacy Diver (M), Faye Carter (G/M); juniors, Alex Sellner (F), Tanissa Dorsey (F/G), Sarah Jones, Deena Kouyeas (D), Jessica Marchegiano (D), Lisa Martin (D).

Newcomers: Seniors, Katie Sellers (M), Petra Kantelinen (D), Lynn Faber (M); juniors, Michelle Hooker (D), Jenny Leedom (D), Courtney Crawford (F); sophomores, Joanna Tammaro (F/M), Heather Shumake (M); freshman Christina Flowers (M).

Coach's outlook: "I look for a season like last year, although we have a better overall team."

The Howard County Sun's outlook: The Gladiators look like they will make the playoffs, as they continue to improve their program.

*Hammond Bears

Coach: Dave Guetler (3rd year).

1989 record: 9-5-1 overall, 3-3-1 county, state Class 2A champions.

Returnees: Seniors, Danielle DeCastro (M), Cathy Gibson (M), Emily Minah (G), Stephanie Fagan (M/D), Joanie Roberts (M/D); juniors, Jackie Rieschick (D), Jill Jinks (D), Lauren Choate (M); sophomore, Samantha Andersch (F).

Newcomers: Juniors, Christine Knaus (D), Erika Schlissler (M); sophomore, Michelle Reiter (D); freshmen, Kacy Williams (M), Elizabeth Bielefeld (D/F), Kisha Jett (F).

Coach's outlook: "We'll be in the hunt and especially strong up the middle."

The Howard County Sun's outlook: The Bears should field a contender for the county title and have the potential to defend their state title.

*Howard Lions

Coach: Jane Sherman (4th year).

1989 record: 9-2-2 overall, 4-2-1 county.

Returnees: Seniors, Susan Olson (D), Michelle Bargosky (D), Jenny Thrasher (M ), Kristi Greer (M), Linda Schneider (F), Cathy Bedola (F), Cherise Coley (F); junior, Krista Fulton (G); sophomore, Camille Powell (D).

Newcomers: Juniors, Tori Mello (F), Jenny McClanahan (D), Cassie Thomas (D), Tonya Townslay (M); sophomores, Kellie Weeks (D), Terrie Townslay (M); freshman, Shannon Bagrosky (M).

Coach's outlook: "We have girls with excellent skills and talent, but there is always room for improvement."

The Howard County Sun's outlook: Howard will be one of the top teams in a very competitive girls league.

*Mount Hebron Vikings

Coach: George Myers (2nd year).

1989 record: 2-9 overall, 0-7 county.

Returnees: Juniors, Reagan Boughman (D), Tracy Belisle (M/F), Stephnie Braccialle (F), Andrea Cuzmanes (D), Alana Senatore (M); sophomores, Brandee Eckstorm (G), Amy Fine (F), Lori Pasquantonio (M).

Newcomers: Juniors, Carrie Donohoe (M), Kia Davis (D), Megan Drake (D), Kate Mallon (D), Cassie Moore (G), Jennifer Saxman (D), Tracey Wright (D); sophomores, Stephanie Otto (M), Shannon McGinnis (M); freshmen, Cathy Nelson (M), Bromley Whitt (F).

Coach's outlook: "We have better skills and more depth this year, and our goal is to make the playoffs."

The Howard County Sun's outlook: The team has no seniors, and is young in that respect. But it has seven returnees who played a lot, plus a state team player from North Carolina, Stephanie Otto. The Vikings could surprise some established county teams.

*Oakland Mills Scorpions

Coach: Cindy Odell (12th year).

1989 Record: 13-1-1 overall, 6-0-1 county, county champions.

Returnees: Seniors, Christine Copeland (M), Mia Dammen (M), Stephanie Magro (F), Alice Iskra (M), Alyssa Carels (G), Jennifer Golding (G), Kim Gove (D), Amy Nicholas (M), Kim Rosado (M); juniors, Bridget Roberts (D), Danette Lemerise (M); sophomores, Tyann Blissett (F), Mandi Kolste (M), Kristin Miller (D).

Newcomers: Juniors, Karaina Lantsky (G), Anne Fuller (M), Libby Rebholz (D), Leah Adamson (M); sophomore, Tameka West (D); freshman, Tricia Witte (F).

Coach's outlook: "Every game will be crucial. It should be a wide open season and a very exciting year for girls soccer."

The Howard County Sun's outlook: Despite nine returning seniors, including two first-team all-county players, the Scorpions will be in a fight all the way trying to repeat as county champions.

*Wilde Lake Wildecats

Coach: Rick Wilson (1st year).

1989 record: 8-6 overall, 3-4 county.

Returnees: Seniors, Jen Jones (M), Susan Gardner (D); juniors, Renita Young (F), Piper Shubert (D), Jen Anderson (M); sophomore, Stephanie Taddeo (D).

Newcomers: Junior, Nicki Krupp (F); freshmen, Margo Buff (G), Nat Froman (F), Reny Trellis (M).

Coach's outlook: "We should surprise some people. We're young but quick -- and we should be able to score."

The Howard County Sun's outlook: The Wildecats have four good returning players, including the spectacular Renita Young, and a strong influx of freshmen. They should be competitive with other teams around the county and a sure bet to make the playoffs.

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