Westminster's Dave Green won both ends of the double 12-lap features for thundercars Sept. 8 at Lincoln Speedway in Hanover, Pa.

Green had two last-lap wins, first in the feature postponed from Aug. 18 and then in the regularly scheduled event. He now has three wins for the year.

Rick Jones of Westminster won his third consecutive 12-lap semi-late feature. Westminster's Don Zechman finished third.

In the 20-lap feature at Lincoln, Charlie Schaffer of Hampstead took runner-up honors.

At the Mason-Dixon Dragway Sept. 9 in Hagerstown, Mount Airy's Brian Fandel had a third round win in the motorcycle division. Fandel, on his 1975 Kawasaki, reached 128 miles per hour.

Taneytown's Corey Hess was the winner in the high school division in his 1975 Mustang.

At the 75-80 Dragway in Frederick County Sept. 9, Mount Airy's J.R. Gonyea won the Class I division of the Nostalgia Race while George Rosner of Mount Airy was the runner-up.

On Sept. 8, Taneytown's Charlie Spielman reached the fourth round of competition in the Class I division while his son, Bobby, was the runner-up in Class II action.

At the San Jose (Calif.) Speedway Sept. 7, Woodbine's Cris Eash captured the B feature.

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