WASHINGTON - Representative Beverly B. Byron, D-6th, has introduced legislation giving U.S. troops stationed in the Persian Gulf 90 days of free mailing privileges.

Due to the enormous scale of the airlift to the area, the military has not set up post offices yet, said Byron after touring Saudi Arabia as part of a 22-member congressional delegation observing Operation Desert Shield.

Even if troops had the money to buy stamps, they wouldn't be able to find them, she added.

"It's important for our troops in the Gulf to be able to share their experiences with their families back home," she said. "Because of the quick deployment, many never got to say good-bye. I want these people to be able to communicate with the people left behind."

Byron's bill, which is expected to see quick action on the House floor, will permit any member of the armed forces stationed in the Persian Gulf region to send mail without charge for 90 days or until an armed forces post office is created.

"The troops are living under extremely difficult conditions over there, but the morale is very good," she said. "Being able to stay in touch with their families goes a long way in helping to maintain that."

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