Ennis entertains at Struever's penthouse wedding


THE WEDDING invitation asked guests to "celebrate" the marriage of prominent Baltimore builder Bill Struever, president of Struever Bros. Eccles and Rouse, and Anne Riggle, vice president and general manager of SAFT America. The invitation was designed by Struever's 7-year-old daughter, Lucy Struever, who was thrilled that her dad and new stepmother had chosen her painting, "Rainbow Mountain," for the wedding invitation.

Last Saturday, family and close friends gathered in Struever's gorgeous Tindeco penthouse that overlooks the harbor and Fort McHenry, for a 4 p.m. ceremony. Ethel Ennis sang and played the piano, much to the delight of the guests. At 7, the newlyweds held forth at a larger reception for several hundred more friends and business acquaintances, among them Sen. Barbara Mikulski and builder par excellence James Rouse.

The Struevers are off for a European honeymoon.

The Baltimore Oriole Wives, led this year by Sylvia Tettleton, do an incredible amount of good works for the Johns Hopkins Children's Center. By far, the neatest fund-raiser they have is the annual Orioles Wives' Cruise for Kids on the Bay Lady.

Last week, the Bay Lady left Baltimore Harbor filled with Oriole players and their fans. Guests nibbled on filet mignon while glancing around for their favorite players to autograph the little baseball bats that were given to guests as they boarded.

Fans were delighted with the friendly, attractive group of O's on board, and all agreed that the two pitchers stole the fashion show. Mark Williamson wore a black tuxedo with a blue tie that matched his wife's dress, and Jeff Ballard wore a white dinner jacket, black trousers and a red tie that matched his girlfriend's dress. Other eye-catching Birds signing autographs were Mickey Tettleton and Billy and Cal Ripken.

This is indeed a winner for the Children's Center for as long as the Oriole wives want it to be.

The lovely old White Swan Tavern in Chestertown was filled with friends and supporters of Gov. William Donald Schaefer on the eve of the Chestertown Crab Feast Saturday. They were invited to the cocktail buffet by Chestertown's Mayor Elmer Horsey and his wife, Joan, and Nancy and Lou Grasmick. (Nancy's on the governor's cabinet and Lou wears so many hats that I'll just say Friend of the Guv. (The turnout was great considering that the RSVP number on the invitation was wrong.)

After the party at the White Swan, a small group of people who are close to the Grasmicks walked to the Horseys' home to witness the Grasmicks renew their wedding vows, which they do every year. "It's been 2,191 days," Lou said, with a twinkle in his eye. The ceremony took place in front of the fireplace, complete with a minister; two attendants, Joan Horsey and Shirley Phillips; and Shirley's beautiful granddaughter was the sleepy little flower girl.

Mr. and Mrs. William Stair, Mr. and Mrs. Blase Cooke, Mr. and Mrs. Martin Knott, Judge and Mrs. Joe Pines, Brice Phillips, Bill Fogel and Pete and Tracy Landon were among the guests toasting the happy couple.

Before the ceremony took place, Grasmick, teasing his buddy Joan, showed us a large autographed caricature of Joan Horsey that was given to her at a recent birthday party. He said that Joan loved the caricature because the artist had given her the Dolly Parton figure she had always wanted. So, just for Joan, Grasmick said he'd invited prominent plastic surgeon Dr. Hans Wilhelmsen to the party. "He can make you look like that in real life," he quipped. Everyone laughed, but I did hear one lady ask the good doctor about a possible "2 for the price of 1" deal as we were leaving!

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