Falcons' opening win gets Glanville talking Rips Oilers coach Pardee, general manager Holovak, NFL


SUWANEE, Ga. (AP) -- Atlanta Falcons coach Jerry Glanville was uncharacteristically quiet after Sunday's 47-27 victory over his former team, the Houston Oilers. Not so yesterday.

"Please let the players do the talking in this one. They're the ones who really deserve it," he said after the victory.

The only dig Glanville had after his new team whipped the National Football League club he had coached for the previous five years was to give the game ball to Southern Methodist coach Forrest Gregg.

"Last year, somebody ran up 99 [actually 95] points on SMU, but SMU won the very next week. That's why I gave the game ball to Forest Gregg. Yeah, that jerk from the other team from Texas ran up 99 points."

Glanville was referring to Jack Pardee, who was the coach at the University of Houston that embarrassed Gregg, and the man who replaced Glanville as Oilers coach.

"I told Forrest during the summer what we were going to do after we won," Glanville said yesterday at his weekly news conference.

"I didn't want to say anything else yesterday because it probably would not have been something I would have been proud of the next day," he said.

He also jabbed Pardee when he said the Oilers didn't use any plays he hadn't put in while he was coach in Houston.

"There was nothing new. I didn't see one play that I didn't run when I was there," Glanville said. "That's why I'm shocked that they [the players] were having so much trouble grasping it."

While on a roll, Glanville got in a rip at Oilers general manager Mike Holovak.

"Comparing the general manager here [Ken Herock] with the one with the Texas team, we should have won by 40, no 60, maybe 100 points," he said.

"I was informed after the game that the general manager from the team from Texas fell asleep in the third quarter -- I don't blame him," said Glanville.

He tossed in a jibe against the NFL hierarchy.

"Teams that work hard can beat good individuals," he said. "The NFL would like the best talent to win, but every once in a while, we screw it up. The NFL doesn't like it, but your fans are fond of you."

Glanville said he was surprised at the quick penalties his players got after scoring touchdowns and doing an end-zone dance that has become familiar in the NFL.

"I was really shocked at how quick they threw the flags," he said. "The NFL in some offices stands for No Fun."

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