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From: Dan Andrews and Rick Murray

Tournament Directors,

1990 One-Up/One-Down Wheelchair Tennis Tournament

We want to take this opportunity to express our appreciation for your support and generosity toward the 1990 One-Up/One-Down Wheelchair Tennis Tournament.

Our tournament was an outstanding success. Sixteen doubles teams participated, totaling 32 players in all. The play was very competitive, yet all those who attended said that they never had so much fun. Most players said that our event was the best-organized tournament they ever attended.

The 1990 tournament marks the second year our County Commission on Physical Fitness has sponsored a wheelchair tennis tournament. Without support from many individuals, our commission would not be able to host events of this type.

We would like to extend our thanks to Belinda Crosby Butler and Jeff Lamborn Associates of Baltimore; Kevin Carter, Susan Rash, Merritt Athletic Club, Jim Foot and Jason's of Annapolis; Stephanie Kelly -- the assistant community relations director for the Baltimore Orioles; Ed Polk and Dawson's Liquor Mart of Severna Park; Norm Wienhold of Pasadena and Lee Hagenstad of Gambrills.


From: Darlene Schepling


I found amusing a recent article in The Anne Arundel County Sun entitled "Smelling trouble in District 31, governor wades in to offer hand" (Sept. 6, 1990). The article describes how Governor Schaefer is campaigning for the incumbent Democrats of District 31.

The governor, who spoke at the Pinewood Senior Center, made the statement that "Phil Jimeno is well liked by the community. Besides that, he didn't come here from some other country," in reference to John Leopold, Mr. Jimeno's opponent.

I was unaware that Hawaii seceded from the union. I had believed it was our 50th state. Is it time to change our flags back to 49 stars? What is the difference between someone moving to Maryland from Pennsylvania, or any other state, and someone who has moved here from Hawaii? Is this the only mud that they can dig up on John Leopold -- that he moved here many years ago from another state (not country)? If so, then we have a mighty good candidate in John Leopold.


From: John Leopold

Candidate for State Senate, District 31

Judy Roberson's Sept. 7 letter to the editor (The Anne Arundel County Sun, Readers write) cannot go uncorrected.

As accurately pointed out in my re-election campaign brochure of 1990, I did, in fact, have the State Toll Facilities Administration remove a large bump on the Harbor Tunnel Thruway in order to remove vehicle noise for residents of Old Riverside Road in Brooklyn Park.

Ms. Roberson stated that "the only meeting Leopold attended was the groundbreaking ceremony." In fact, on Nov. 4, 1985, I met with the deputy federal highway administrator, Mr. L.P. Lamm, for the purpose of urging the use of federal aid funds for noise walls on the I-895 Harbor Tunnel Thruway. This meeting is documented by a letter dated Nov. 27, 1985, from the federal highway administrator, Mr. R.A. Barnhart, to the Maryland Transit Authority Toll Facilities administrator, Mr. Gary A. Smith. My involvement in this issue is also evidenced by a letter to me dated Jan. 16, 1986, from the secretary of the Maryland Department of Transportation, Mr. William K. Hellmann.

The Baltimore Sun reported my efforts on behalf of the sound barrier on Nov. 18, 1985, and the Maryland Gazette also reported my involvement in the effort to obtain the needed sound barrier in an article dated Jan. 8, 1986.

While Ms. Roberson's enthusiasm for her favored candidate is understandable, her enthusiasm should not get in the way of an objective search for the facts.

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