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Former U.Va. lax player Huguely appeals murder conviction

Attorneys for George W. Huguely V are appealing his second-degree murder conviction for beating his ex-girlfriend to death in May 2010.

Huguely, a former University of Virginia lacrosse player from Chevy Chase, was convicted in February and sentenced in August to 23 years in prison for the death of Yeardley Love, 22, of Cockeysville.

A notice of appeal was filed Tuesday in the Charlottesville Circuit Court, but it does not lay out the grounds for the challenge. Before the sentencing, Huguely's legal team had asked the judge to overturn the verdict, arguing that the trial had been unfair and that the jury received improper instructions.

Love also played lacrosse for the university. After a day of drinking, Huguely kicked down the door into her room and beat her. He stormed out, taking her laptop. A friend found Love dead early the next morning.

At his sentencing, Huguely's lawyers made clear that they planned to file an appeal.

"We think George was convicted of a crime inconsistent with the facts, and he received a penalty inconsistent with what the evidence would require," Rhonda Quagliana said at the time.

"Our system provides that a single person or a single group of people are not the final arbiters. We are confident that a mature and careful consideration of this case will result in the reversal of these convictions and that the correct outcome of this case will eventually be reached."

Huguely's lawyers did not respond to request for comment Tuesday, and the Commonwealth's Attorney for Charlottesville, which prosecuted the case, declined to comment.

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