Second doctor facing murder charge in abortion returning to Md.

A doctor charged last month in Utah on murder charges in Elkton waived extradition on Monday and will be flown back to Maryland, according to authorities.

Dr. Nicola I. Riley, 46, had been held without bail in a Salt Lake County jail. She is charged with first- and second-degree murder, among other charges, stemming from an abortion 16 months ago that injured a teenage mother who was 21 weeks pregnant.

Another doctor, Steven C. Brigham, was extradited from New Jersey last week and was arraigned in Cecil County Circuit Court on Friday. He is charged with five counts of first- and second-degree murder stemming from the procedure involving the teen and four late-term fetuses found in the clinic's freezer.

Riley and Brigham are the first doctors in the state charged under Maryland's fetal homicide law in a case involving a medical procedure. The doctors had come under investigation after the incident at the Elkton clinic. Riley has had her medical license suspended in Maryland; Brigham was not licensed in Maryland.

Lawyers for Riley had said they tried to work with Cecil County prosecutors to have their client voluntarily return to Maryland to face the charges. The attorneys complained in court papers filed last week that the state's attorney's office was ignoring their overtures.

On Monday, Salt Lake County Deputy District Attorney Jeff Hall said Riley's lawyer asked for bail to be set at $30,000. But Hall said that was insufficient to guarantee her return to Maryland, and a judge agreed. He said Riley then agreed to waive extradition.

Hall said Maryland authorities will have Riley flown, under police guard, to Baltimore in the next couple of days. She will then be arraigned in Cecil County Circuit Court. Prosecutors also unsealed Monday the indictment filed against Riley, which describes the charges as related to the teenager who was 21 weeks pregnant.

Prosecutors in Cecil County did not return calls seeking comment. At Friday's hearing, Brigham was freed on $500,000 bail.

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