Archived coverage of the shootings in Montgomery and Prince George's counties, Washington, D.C., and Virginia.

Ten years ago, snipers plunged region into terror

Little more than a year after the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, an unknown enemy was again menacing the capital region. Sidewalks emptied; residents holed up in their homes. Those with unavoidable commitments ducked their heads as they scurried from house to car, from car to destination, and back again.

10 years ago, snipers plunged the region into terror

Little more than a year after the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, an unknown enemy was again menacing the capital region. Sidewalks emptied; residents holed up in their homes. Those with unavoidable commitments ducked their heads as they scurried from house to car, from car to destination, and back again

Sniper's family won't reveal letter

Washington-area sniper remains defiant to the end

A stoically defiant John Allen Muhammad, the sniper who terrified the Washington area in 2002 as he orchestrated 10 fatal and seemingly random shootings, was executed Tuesday night by injection in Virginia's death chamber.

Hoping for 'justice' tonight for sniper

Over three terrifying weeks in October 2002, John Allen Muhammad, the so-called Beltway Sniper fatally shot 10 people in the Washington region, ratcheting up anxiety levels all the way from Baltimore to Richmond.

Federal prison deal for Malvo opposed

The prosecutors of snipers and John Allen Muhammad say they oppose allowing Malvo to serve his life sentence in a federal prison as part of any far-reaching

Tragic tale comes into focus

Families confront sniper

A glimpse into the thinking of sniper jury

Victims' relatives share pain of trial, joy of verdict

Guilty verdict in sniper rampage

More trials hinge on Va. permission

What we fear probably won't hurt us

Bizarre end to sniper defense

Muhammad frustrated

Malvo, sniper tangle again

Muhammad, Malvo vie for upper hand

Malvo story of Baltimore plot called 'alarming,' 'sobering'

On stand, Malvo calmly recounts mayhem plot

City targeted, Malvo says

Case against Muhammad builds

Malvo to face former mentor

Rifle linked to sniper suspect

Sniper evidence detailed

Sniper jurors view Caprice

Malvo helping prosecution

Jurors to see 'deadly Caprice'

Final sniper slaying detailed

Sniper defense dwells on minutiae

Va. officer is questioned by Muhammad at trial

Muhammad questions survivor

Sniper prosecution continues

Sniper testimony begins

Muhammad cites the Gospel, Plato

Defendant impresses as 'smooth'

Publicity plays role on Muhammad jury

Sniper could face Malvo

Views of jury pool trouble sniper

Bracing for the sniper trial

Judge denies Muhammad's request for trial delay

City lawyers are standby counsel for Muhammad

Sniper's attorneys quit murder trial

Muhammad ruled competent

Execution of sniper won't be sought

Wounds heal, memories linger

Judge orders Muhammad moved to Md. for 2nd trial

Snipers to be tried in Maryland

Judge in sniper case decides to step aside

Sniper's lawyers lose bid to prevent 2nd capital trial

Judge says attorney can prosecute sniper

Va. judge sentences Malvo to life terms

Victims' families find closure in sentence

Muhammad attorneys seek to overturn verdict

Judge asked to spare sniper

Jury convicts Malvo in sniper shootings

Malvo lawyer appeals for 'love,' as prosecutor demands 'justice'

Insanity defense was risky strategy

Deep feelings grip families after verdict

Malvo jury continues deliberating into 2nd day

Nastiness, greed said to inspire Malvo

Testimony completed in trial of Malvo

Defending sniper suspects costs Md.

Doctor testifies on sites scouted

Malvo was legally insane, expert says

CHESAPEAKE, Va. -- Unable to distinguish between right and wrong, Lee Boyd Malvo met the standard for being legally insane when he participated in last year's

2 stories by Malvo the focus of trial

Malvo sought escape from Muhammad 'situation,' jury told

Psychologist says Malvo agreed to martyrdom

Malvo art indicates 'Matrix' obsession

Malvo's grades suggest a boy with potential

Malvo described as upbeat near trial

Malvo sketches depicted 'jihad'

For former juror, 'unfinished business'

Defense pushes theory of Malvo brainwashing

Father calls Malvo 'obedient, manageable' youth

Jurors say Muhammad should be put to death

Skilled defense without the ego

After thought, prayer on decision, jurors 'know we made the right one'

Jury weighs 2 portraits: cold killer or loving dad

Supermax guard testifies at Malvo trial

Muhammad's ex-wife recalls death threat

Disputed guideline to shape Muhammad sentence

Malvo prosecutors race to finish case

Convicted sniper scouted sites for murder, prosecutors say

Jury hears tape of teen on plan, blame

Muhammad found guilty

Defense has challenge in averting death row

Muhammad sniper trial goes to jury

For relatives, verdicts mark beginning of end

Muhammad jurors to consider unusual issues

Malvo depicted as sad, sinister

Attorneys offer quick defense in sniper case

9 women and 7 men are chosen for jury that will try Malvo

Key moments in sniper case

28 potential jurors chosen for Malvo trial

Prosecution wraps up its capital case against Muhammad

As Malvo trial opens, Muhammad's case likely to loom large

Muhammad in tears on sniper trial testimony

Laptop map shows trail of sniper scenes

How 'blue Caprice y'all are looking for' is found

Malvo's case stirs debate on death penalty

List of five schools in Balto. Co. found in Muhammad's car

Even trying to avoid sniper didn't work for one survivor

In sniper trial, prayers, calls for help, car sightings

Sniper suspect's refusal complicates case

Witness puts suspect's car at La. killing

Trial is reminder of missed chances

Sniper suspect reinstates his defense team

Retreat by Muhammad called a shrewd move

Providing security for Muhammad trial a huge undertaking

Sniper suspect opens trial as own counsel

'A tragedy for the justice system'

Defense for teen sniper suspect suffers setback in court ruling

Sniper jury pool is thinned

Death-penalty protester uses sniper trial for his message

Sniper trial renews death penalty talk

Va. judge has had time in spotlight

Lawyers file insanity plea for Malvo

Malvo takes Fifth at hearing

A painful anniversary approaches

Judge won't rule out execution of Malvo

Va. prosecutors are to receive Malvo's mental health report

New book puts Moose back in spotlight

Va. judge to allow testimony by Malvo's Supermax guards

Sniper case witness data ordered shared

Judge rejects request by Malvo's lawyers

New violence tied to sniper suspect

Towns measure media's wallet for sniper trials

Prosecutors' tack in sniper cases contested

Muhammad lawyers argue against death

Malvo told jailers of plans for Baltimore

Federal funds sought for Malvo's defense

A killer's demands

Police found this letter Oct. 19 near a Ponderosa restaurant where a 37-year-old Florida man was shot in the abdomen.