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More sniper shootings coverage

Archived coverage of the shootings in Montgomery and Prince George's counties, Washington, D.C., and Virginia.

Sniper suspect's lawyers seek change of venue

2nd sniper suspect loses death-penalty challenge

Malvo's lawyers lose key ruling

Malvo's rights violated, lawyer says

Lawyers spar on Malvo evidence

Malvo prosecutors allowed to pursue death penalty

Malvo loses death-penalty challenge

Judge unseals juvenile records in Malvo case

Judge denies secret hearing with Malvo's defense

Judge signals he'll open Malvo's sealed record

Murder trial for Malvo set to start in November

Malvo indicted on 2 counts of murder, 1 weapons charge

Malvo to be tried as adult

Defense will get Malvo's answers

Courage to spare

Sniper-case defense's ordeal

Malvo lawyers' request for experts is rejected

Sniper suspect's defense team set

Sniper suspects appear in Va. courts

Veterans draw job of prosecuting first cases

Sniper suspects to be tried first in Va.

N.Va. prosecutors file sniper charges

Snipers expose security gaps

Ariz. killing queried as possible sniper attack

A 2nd Clinton shooting may link to sniper

Sniper case latest in Antigua scandals

Sniper rifle tied to killing in Louisiana

Malvo could go to school at Supermax

Montgomery executive faced balancing act in crisis

Sniper suspect had reportedly threatened wife

Officials joust over stopping of interview

Feds prepare to present case to grand jury

Malvo's lawyer has been down similar path

Tenacious defender represents Muhammad

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Federal sniper charges filed

Ballistics tests tie sniper suspects to Tacoma killing

Gubernatorial campaigns work in sniper issues

U.S. prepares charges in sniper case

Antigua investigating sniper suspects

Web site hails Chief Moose

Detectives begin thorough search of suspect's car

Schools revising emergency plans

Gun in car linked to sniper attacks

Jurisdictions divided on who gets the case

Early tip for police on sniper suspect

Histories of 2 men remain a puzzle

Timeline of sniper shootings, arrests

A time of joy 'like New Year's Eve'

Sniper suspect had talked to city policeman

Tipsters sit back, observe arrests after calling police

African-Americans grapple with race of sniper suspects

Manhunt lands at small Md. town

Frenzy of TV coverage matches events

Two men sought in sniper case

Politicians try to gauge fears as vote nears

Negotiators on tightrope with sniper

10th slaying, renewed demands

High-speed slug especially lethal

Kids out of sight, parents fret

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2 communities, one 'tough' loss

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Killing rekindles fear in Montgomery Co.

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Helping soothe children's fears

Police to sniper: 'Call us back'

A sniper victim or not, surgeons rush to save a life

Richmond falls quickly under a sniper's siege

Montgomery seeks to ensure safety of voters

Appeal issued to sniper

The places he has been

'Eyewitnesses' often embellish, experts say

Witness' account of sniper proves false

Look-alike vehicles trap grandparents

Lt. gov. pledges stricter gun law

Promising clues, but no clear look at suburban killer

Witness sure he saw Soviet-style rifle

Schools devise activities amid sniper lockdown

At home on the range

Sniper victim was courageous, helped others

Spy planes to hunt sniper

One sniper amid thousands of tips

Glendening to ban firearms hunting in 4 metro counties

In the line of fire

House unanimously backs bill to improve gun-buyer screening

Arundel postpones games, practices

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Sniper attacks affecting businesses

Woman shot dead in Va.

Ballistic 'fingerprint' database isn't foolproof tool, experts say

Sniper lull fails to calm region

Police provide sketch of truck

Sniper shootings now topic in race

Sniper cuts down a haven

2nd gas station killing in Va.

Killer's low profile frustrates police

Slaying in Va. linked to sniper

Arundel police call report of sniper shooting false

Tarot card's usefulness as a lead is uncertain

'Something positive coming out of a bad thing'

Man killed at Va. gas station

World media spotlight 'Washington in Angst'

Several federal agencies aid Maryland's search for sniper

A day after Bowie shooting, tensions high at Md. schools

Profiles in evil

Boy, 13, shot at school; bullet linked to sniper

Shooting at school puts parents on edge

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Fear casts shadow on everyday activities

Solving sniper cases takes patience, luck

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A calming voice amid crisis

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Police turn to new technique in hunt for Montgomery sniper

Washington killing linked to five in Md.

'Business as usual' for most schools

Profilers offer theories on shooters

Virginia shooting linked to 6 others

Waves of fear, disbelief spread

Shootings prompt postponements

Few links among victims

5 killed in Md. suburb; gunman still at large

A killer's demands

Police found this letter Oct. 19 near a Ponderosa restaurant where a 37-year-old Florida man was shot in the abdomen.