Calif. recall vote

Archived coverage of the nation's first gubernatorial recall election in 82 years.

  • Schwarzenegger takes oath as Calif. governor

    Actor quickly rescinds increase in vehicle tax

  • In California, new governor talks positive

    But Schwarzenegger, after big win, offers no solution to budget crisis; Fiscal woes worse than thought; Actor to put movie career on ice, commute to capital

  • Other actors in office

    Long before Governor Terminator, before Congressman Gopher and Congressman Cooter, even before Governor Gipper, there was Governor Pappy. W. Lee "Pappy" O'Daniel, host of a popular daily music program on Texas radio, swept into the Texas governor's mansion way back in 1938. In years to come, other...

  • Davis out, Schwarzenegger in

    A political newcomer confounds skeptics by winning California recall; Demonstration of voter anger; Republican will replace Democrat as governor

  • Many Democrats vote against Davis

    Up to 30 percent of liberals, moderates abandon governor; Schwarzenegger has strong showing across political spectrum